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Giant Sidewalk Chalk in Se7en Steps…

January 15th, 2009 · 11 Comments

I have discovered another life-skill, so my list of Se7en things every mother needs to know how to do is growing:

Here we go anyone who follows this blog knows that we have an overabundance of plaster of paris.

This was our book of the week a couple of weeks ago:


And ever since we read it, there has been a gentle hankering to make sidewalk chalks.

Lets meet the players: All you need is plaster-of-paris, water, food coloring and we used flimsy plastic cups to contain the mixed chalks. This is definitely an outdoor project. And nowhere near your drains – all you need is this stuff solidifying down a plug – no, stay well away from all drains.

And Play the Game:

  • Step 1: Pour your plaster into an old bucket to mix it.


  • Step 2: Add in some water.


  • Step 3: Give everyone a chance to stir, stir, stir… It should have the consistency of really thick custard.


  • Step 4: We poured our mixture into flimsy plastic drinking cups.


  • Step 5: Add food coloring to the container and stir, stir, stir…


  • Step 6: At this stage you have the most wonderful thick finger paints, … if you can handle the mess.



    But we reluctantly left most of ours overnight to set.


  • Step 7: We peeled the plastic cups off the chalks and there you are: giant sidewalk chalks.



  • And you are good to draw and draw and draw…



    These giant sidewalk chalks were brilliant – well worth the messy mixing, which just added to the fun.

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