Saturday Spot: My Virtual Book Pile…

For all those book cases in our home there are an awful number of books I own that I haven’t read. They need to be read. Well the past six months I have been merrily blogging but I need to get back to reading, just for pleasure – expanding my mental horizons!

My virtual book pile has got beyond just books lying round the house waiting to be read… these are books that are on the shelves and have a home that I will now fish out and read one by one by one! All sorts of eclectic books: novels, biographies, homeschooling, whatever…

Oh, where do I start! Well, I love listening to book review podcasts and my favorite podcast is: Barnes and Noble Meet the Writer. The problem is that because of these author interviews my list of must reads gets longer and longer…

So I am challenging myself to read se7en books off our shelves before I can get hold of this one and read it. I am totally dying to read it, since the author interview with Alice Schroeder was so interesting.


I am beginning my challenge with:


I have only just begun it and I am already intrigued. Why would her fiance call her by another name when they finally meet again? And worse – the name he calls her is her cousins. I am dying to know the ins and outs of this one and so to be sure I will be reading away the next couple of days. Also by Katherine McMahon I read and loved…


And as soon as I finish this book I will let you know what the next one on the virtual book pile is.

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  1. Not to add any more books to your list, but two wonderful christian fiction authors that I love are Dee Hendersen and Karen Kingsbury. I love reading series books.

  2. Hi C, I really enjoyed Karen Kingsbury and will have to try Dee Henderson, thanks for the tip. Have a good week together!

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