Se7en of the Best Craft Blogs…

When I started blogging I thought it would be about the things we do: so mostly about parenting and how we go about homeschooling. Turns out this blog isn’t so much about homeschooling, but it is all about cooking with kids and crafting with kids… who would have thought! Turns out the blogs we avidly follow are crafty blogs… desperately seeking kiddable projects.

In my life before blogging I really thought that Family Fun and Wondertime were the best craft spots for kiddy crafts… and I still think they are absolutely fabulous. But I have discovered there is more – really much more!!!

So while everyone else is talking about New Year Resolutions – and I totally don’t do those. And everyone else seems to be madly busy decluttering and organizing themselves for the year ahead. We just can’t seem to raise our heads up from the side of the pool… Forget 15 minutes a day maintenance cleaning, we are in pure lizard mode… I thought I would take a night off and direct you to Se7en of our favorite Crafty Spots in no particular order just as they role!:

  • The Crafty Crow: A brilliant crafty collective for kids crafts and there are literally tons of crafts posted everyday… crafts done by kids for kids, by moms for kids, by moms for moms… brilliant! I love that the arty crafty things are generally made by kids – nothing like honest kids art to give you realistic expectations for a project. And from there you can link to the associated Bella Dia for more brilliant crafty posts and lots of book-related projects.
  • One Pretty Thing: A craft collective, that scours the internet everyday for the best of the best – you wouldn’t believe the wonderful things you find here. Also a bunch of crafts posted daily and there are always one or two that you totally love and would want to try immediately… I used to print these out but half a tree later I now have a list of bookmarks called potential projects and its only about ten hundred miles long.
  • Folding Trees: Wow, now this is the spot for anything paper-ish. Fantastic printables, origami, kids projects and models from paper to die for. My kids absolutely love the paper models, which are great for afternoons with nothing to do.
  • Instructables: How to make or do just about anything, anything at all. I don’t let my kids loose here because there are some things I would rather they didn’t know just yet. But anytime I want to know how to make or do anything I go and look at this site. Just this morning I used it to find how to make ice-cream in a ziplock bag – really if you want to know how to do something then this is a good place to start.
  • Whip Up: Has daily crafty posts but what really makes this blog is their roundup posts with lists of endless ideas and links to follow – lovely!
  • A Print A Day. The name says it all! She has the most beautiful papers to print and we do. We use them for all sorts of projects – we use them to make all sorts of little paper things and they are a great base for paper crafts, like origami boxes and little note-book covers.
  • Dad can Do: I discovered this site recently by accident and it turns out that it is the best site for all things dragonish and whimsical. There is an option to pay to see more… but frankly there is enough there for free to provide you with heaps of ideas and projects to do with and for older kids. Technically this one isn’t a blog, but a website, I snuck it in here anyway!. I like this site because most crafty spots are aimed at moms and this one is aimed at Dad’s – I use it all the time, but I think it is great to have a good dad focused spot on the web.

That’s it Se7en of the best craft spots – have fun, while we continue to sun ourselves!

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