Se7en Revive The Art of Letter Writing.

We love letter writing – actual letters that arrive in the post and those that travel to distant lands. But it has become so easy to send an email. Also, whenever we settle down to write letters we end up doing all the decorating and then losing heart. So today we worked through the day and built up a letter writing supply. First we made writing paper, but that was apparently too easy, so we made some postcards as well.

This morning I was woken to a hive of activity. My kids started the day by gathering in the dawn to make stamps. They were decorating stickers with markers.



And a perfectly postal project was begun…


To make the writing paper we started by sticking some lined paper to white paper – the lines are to help beginner writers.


We just needed to decorate the borders and we used cookie cutters and acrylic paints as stamps.


That was really easy, though certain people just couldn’t get the border idea!!! But most could and now we have a lovely supply of writing paper.


We moved on to postcards, which are lovely for kids to post. They are short and sweet to write, and you can send a thoughtfully made artwork at the same time.

So we started with artworks:


We popped the artworks onto card.


Then using fancy edged scissors we cut the card into postcards.


On the back of the card we stuck a piece of lined paper.


So now we have a pile of postcards:


To finish up: we printed a whole lot of photos of the kids, a heap on a page, to make them really small. And sniped them out.


And popped a picture of the artist on the back of each postcard.


And now we had a pile of postcards ready to use.

Finally, we used up the left over photographs to decorate a couple of envelopes.


And our stationary supply is complete and ready to use when we need it. We will definitely do this again and spend time decorating stationary so that we have a ready supply.

Happy Lettering!

16 Replies to “Se7en Revive The Art of Letter Writing.”

  1. Hey! I love this post. As a big fan of letters I am thrilled that you are taking the time to encourage your kids to write them.

    So thrilled, in fact, that I’d like to give you my site’s Message in a Bottle Award.

    This award is for someone who has promoted letter writing in some significant way or created change-for-good in the world through letter writing. Raising seven new letter writers to add to the world seems significant to me.

    You can get an award badge at the site and see a list of other people who have won the award.

    Tell your kids GREAT JOB! 🙂

  2. Wow, our first ever award – How fantastic is that!!! Thank-you so much we are thrilled to have a Message in a bottle Award!

  3. It’s so great that you’re teaching your children to write letters! I think it’s something we need to keep around!

  4. We love sending and receiving letters, the real thing is so much better than email. You know, something to treasure and look at over and over again.

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