Giant Sidewalk Chalk in Se7en Steps…

I have discovered another life-skill, so my list of Se7en things every mother needs to know how to do is growing:

Here we go anyone who follows this blog knows that we have an overabundance of plaster of paris.

This was our book of the week a couple of weeks ago:


And ever since we read it, there has been a gentle hankering to make sidewalk chalks.

Lets meet the players: All you need is plaster-of-paris, water, food coloring and we used flimsy plastic cups to contain the mixed chalks. This is definitely an outdoor project. And nowhere near your drains – all you need is this stuff solidifying down a plug – no, stay well away from all drains.

And Play the Game:

  • Step 1: Pour your plaster into an old bucket to mix it.


  • Step 2: Add in some water.


  • Step 3: Give everyone a chance to stir, stir, stir… It should have the consistency of really thick custard.


  • Step 4: We poured our mixture into flimsy plastic drinking cups.


  • Step 5: Add food coloring to the container and stir, stir, stir…


  • Step 6: At this stage you have the most wonderful thick finger paints, … if you can handle the mess.



    But we reluctantly left most of ours overnight to set.


  • Step 7: We peeled the plastic cups off the chalks and there you are: giant sidewalk chalks.



  • And you are good to draw and draw and draw…



    These giant sidewalk chalks were brilliant – well worth the messy mixing, which just added to the fun.

11 Replies to “Giant Sidewalk Chalk in Se7en Steps…”

  1. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing this! I’m going to make some for my daughter, she loves drawing with chalk.

  2. Hi! I saw this a few days ago over at One Pretty Thing. Thanks for this great tutorial. My girls love sidewalk chalk! I’ll be featuring it at my place as well! Thanks!

  3. Hay Quirkymomma, I love reading the “playtime” parties, thanks so much for the invite!!! I will be thrilled to join in!!!

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