The Week That Was – 31

So we staggered up and read some books…



Then we built The Great Wall of China.


A number of parking garages.


Constructed an airport:


Got caught “not” touching the omputor


Built a hut:


And had a spontaneous Church Service:


And then it was time for breakfast…

Myself I got a bit distracted from the drawer a day project with the dresser and the spot where I plan to keep the work books this year.


This is better:


And I am back onto the drawers again – we have 18 to go, which means 50 down – yea! I have to say its going well… here’s how: take everything out of the drawer and only put back what you want in that drawer… you will be left with a pile of stuff (its only a drawer so not too much to deal with at a time). Decide what to throw and what needs to be put away somewhere else… you will still be left with a pile of stuff that you have no clue what to do with… eeuch! Now that pile you just blindly put in your to donate spot at the front door… Funnily enough I have never had to drag anything out of the to donate spot. That’s it… and the biggest tip: Just do one drawer at a time – really it is very easy to say I am doing the whole kitchen and very easy to get totally overwhelmed… trust me – one drawer at a time!

Meanwhile, we didn’t go to the library again… instead we made our own one… Check it out in our Tuesday Art Task coming this week!


And we did have a favorite book:


Oh my goodness, Hood #1 left this book next to my computer and I started to dip into while waiting for photos to upload. Forget the photos I was riveted and it has been our bed-time reading all week as we have dipped and poked around in this book. Even the topics I am not keen on (dare a homeschool mother say this but nothing switches me off like outer space) are presented in such a stunning way that you have to read more and explore more and discover more – yummy facts at your fingertips. Here is an example page to look at.

Well here we go:

Hood #1: Went on his annual outing to Maynardville Open Air Theatre with the father person and inhaled “As You Like It.” And he has been breathing long Shakespearean quotes under his breathe ever since. Hang on he is always doing that…


And he was a wild doctor in the great hospital game.


Hood #2: Baked some chocolate eclairs…


And was not the best patient in the great hospital game. In fact, he was the corpse.


Hood #3: Made a whole lot of Valentines and a Jam Tart.


And was an excellent doctor in the great hospital game.


Hood #4: Whipped up a couple of pirates before breakfast.


And carried the implements in the great hospital game.


Hood #5: Got a fan-letter from his friend James, all the way from London – all in the name of “Pass it on.”


And was the worst patient in the great hospital game.


Hood #6: Made jelly cones…




And was the most perfect patient in the great hospital game.


Come to think of it those girls appear to be playing a completely different, peaceful kind of game. Then again there is no female equivalent for the word boisterous. Boy-strous, girl-strous?

Hood #7: Got on with reading her favorite book: Daniel and the Lions…


And stayed well away from the great hospital game – a girl after my own heart.

Finally, note to the mother person: If you don’t have the right amount of eggs to make your fresh pasta, well don’t just add a glug of oil to the mixture in the hopes that it will work – it won’t… and supper time will arrive and you will have se7en hungry children moaning for a meal and nothing to show for it… then again: quick fix it… get everyone to roll pinches of dough into marble size balls – many hands make light work… pop it in the pot and call it “Gnocchi a’la Hoodie” – drown it with fresh herbs and parmesan – success!! The father person may not fall for it, but the Hoods sure did!!!


That’s it – Have a Great Weekend.

10 Replies to “The Week That Was – 31”

  1. Looks like someone had a "box day". *sigh* days that I miss! I think I recieved my last "box" in Jan. of 08. . .or maybe it was sometime in 07?

  2. Oh- I wish!!! This was just getting out the year ahead and putting away last years books… last year we did: pre k, grade 1, grade 3 and grade 5… this year: pre k, k, grade 2, grade 4 and grade 6 – how did I ever get a child in grade 6!!! Anyway I am trying to get straightened out before our box day… the wait is killing me!!! But eventually grade 6 and our workbooks will get here… wait, wait, wait – this is how I learn patience!!!

  3. Hi C, we have been without internet for about 24 hrs and I have nearly died (hmmm we live in Africa after all!)… I can not even process the high-schooler thought, that my little pip-squeak first born will ever have a deep voice and a beard… process, process, process – gasp – there will be a time when I have se7en teenagers one at the furthest ends of the spectrum and five in the middle… no I am very content where I am thank-you very much!

  4. Hi C, Our tumble is probably also made in China. Maybe there are industrial ones on the market but you sure can’t get them in a store here!

  5. i absolutely LOVE your blog. I have 2 children and don’t know how you do it with 7. You ‘go, girl’. Well done.

  6. Hi N, It is always lovely to meet a fan!!! Who are we to have fans!!! But I am thrilled that you like to stop by and visit us! Have a Great weekend!

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