The Week That Was – 36

Another hot week, and I dare not say in Africa!, but certainly in Fish Hoek. Yesterday was 37 degrees Celsius (thats about 99 degrees Fahrenheit) at its hottest and we fairly wilted… we totally collapsed onto the cool dressing room tiles and there we read until the sun went down!


We started school. We started well our markers were ready:


Our books were ready:


And we managed a couple of really fun projects between Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Alexander Graham Bell’s birthday.


We did a week of wrapping: wraps for supper and book wraps too.


The two eldest hoods finally got new specs – here’s the mug shot!


And we just survived our first week back at school and just for the reality check to all non-homschoolers the first week is always the worst week!!! The first week is always just gritting your teeth and survival… with a lot of grumbly spirits – not least of all mine as the work dragged throughout the morning and then out the other side and well into the afternoon until none of us could stand it any longer. I always feel a bit like a mother bird hovering over her nest with one worm for se7en chicks and everybody cheaping for their morsel. We got through it but lets just say things can only get better. Actually I know it will get better, it always does, now that everyone understands what is expected of them next week will feel breezy compared to this one!

And just in case you think I obsess about school I cleaned out the kitchen cupboards so that I didn’t hover too madly round the school table. And I totally despair of drawers – really I do I have four to go and I quit – I cannot, will not face them!


Our book of the week would have to be Pete’s a Pizza. Really this book is so funny my kids just love it… A little guy on a rainy day and his folks turn him into a pizza: roll him out and pop a whole lot of toppings on top. They are just about to put him in the oven when the sun comes out and saves the day – It’s all pretend they don’t really turn him into a pizza!!!


Here are a couple hoods turning hood#7 into a pizza: rolling, tickling sprinkling, turning…


And just in case you think everything turns out perfectly in our house… here you go:

The quickest cake in the world, add some melted Lindt and cook it as usual, topped it with marshmallows and popped it back in the oven… melted them and ever so slightly forgot them! But that’s not the worst of it… I didn’t wait till it cooled just lift the next layer onto the lower level and kerflop! There you go – documented evidence of a cooking collapse… tasted great as desert! Could have done slightly better with some cream but then what chocolate desert wouldn’t!!!



Hood #1: Built a house for little Hood #7 and she loved living in a box.


He also weighed a packet of crisps and just wondered if you pushed the scale just a little they would weigh a little more but would there be more crisps in the packet – nope that reality was shattered!


Hood #2: Thought the snacks were the best part of school! And told me with absolute certainty that “Knew York” was the most populated city in South America, yes he wrote it like that and yes he spelt it like that… This is why we are back at school – a little educating is required…


Hood #3: Well I discovered who it was that created the jungle on the tumble dryer. This shouldn’t surprise me she always had a thing for green things! Anyway she has been learning about dinosaurs. Now factoids are not her strength and I asked her if she could name a dinosaur – “um no”… long pause for thought, what about a “tri-hairy-cops.” Seriously? Seriously? Two days later I am stil falling on the floor laughing.


Hood #4: While eager for school, he arrived on the first day and decided Zoobs were more fun! I will have to liven it up somewhat in the week to come!!!


Hood #5: Took school very seriously, I have never had a kid do alphabet puzzles for fun before! How weird is that!!!


Hood #6: Was the most avid scholar, playing school with the best of them. What can I say the further down the line I go the easier it is!


Hood #7: Perfected the art of surfing – she has progressed from kitchen tray to cushion…


Not to mention taking over the home office.


That’s it – Have a great weekend!

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