The Argus Cycle Tour and The Best Beach Day of The Year…

So today is the day when most of Cape Town absolutely shuts down and about a million bazillion bicycles take to the road. In fact, so many people take part that it literally takes hours for them to start. Waves of cyclists leave the centre of Cape Town from the crack of dawn and right through the morning.


If you want to know more about this cycling madness and the less than fainthearted who travel the route then have a look at the website for the Argus Cycle Tour.

They cycle down the one side of the Cape Peninsula all the way to Cape Point and back up the other side of the Peninsula. Up hill and down dale. Not to mention over many mountains! A total of about 110km (almost 70 miles). And most of the roads in or out of the South Peninsula are closed, which makes this the absolute best day of the year to head for the beach! Because no-one except those living within walking distance can get there…


Here are a couple of Hoods watching out for the father person in years gone by when he was young and restless. He spent every summer morning with at least half of Cape Town cycling around in a frantic frenzy getting ready for the great event, and frankly I am glad he has decided he doesn’t have time to train for this madness!!! Also, it is quite a relief to have two pairs of adult hands to watch all these cyclists go past… you can imagine se7en short people at the side of the road all trying to see the cyclists… hmmmmm maybe I will stay home and let him take the kids down to the corner!!!


Pity the cyclists that only leave Cape Town in the heat of the day!!! And today just happens to be so windy that we won’t be able go to the beach – sand burn is not too much fun especially if you are only 2 ft high! Not to mention the havoc this wind will cause to the cyclists. But the kids will have to amble down to the corner and watch funny cyclists big and small, short and tall, young and old, many wear costumes, lots of funny hats, and lots of funny bikes, lot of cyclists from around the world… The vibe is great the streets are packed with people who have made the effort to take their breakfast, at least their coffee down to the roadside and cheer them on.


That’s it a weird day in Cape Town when nearly all the roads are closed and you just hear the woosh of cyclists passing and heaps of street music.

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