The Week That Was – 37…

We had two and a half drops of drizzle… but still no real rain over Fish Hoek and our tree remains green green green…


And school is on track, we are back in the rhythm… it is still taking longer than it needs but then a few good distractions here and there keep us a little bit ummm well – less focused!


Eventually Lego had to be banished to post-school time – Aha! That was the key…


We even managed a science frenzy and got our science up to date – un heard of!


We made some cookies – hamantashen.


And messed around with dinosaurs:


And I was gifted, an anniversary gift – no it wasn’t ours but making up for last year… the father person is very traditional when it comes to these things and last year was crystal… stretch your mind… it comes in a box with an apple on the side…


Aha! wooohooo!!! Unpacking it is the best part… I may just be the happiest blogger in the Universe.


Meanwhile, today is Pi day… yayay – being of a mathematical bent…. Pi day needs to be celebrated… You can download a poster… and I went out with a friend for coffee and pi (apple and lemon meringue – yum!)


Not to mention it’s Einstein’s birthday today, here are a couple of cool links:

Hood #1: Discovered architecture books and was lost… I think all those teeny tiny details and intricate diagrams totally appeal.


He created our book of the week and he started his personal pamphlet company…


Hood #2: Had a scientific adventure with magnets…


Hood #3: Woke up in time to catch an early morning snuggle with her littlest sister.


Hood #4: Built a tent for his Action man and used nearly an entire roll of tape and enjoyed spaghetti for supper…


Hood #5: Managed to bake almost daily!


And got seriously busy on a project – even his feet were busy…


Hood #6: Was involved in every project as usual and then created some of her own.


Hood #7: Decided to help get the sheets to the washer:


Couldn’t wait for a single meal, had to had to had to snack first…


And decided playing with her brothers bear was better than a nap… In fact napping is apparently for the birds…


That’s it – That was our week! You have a Great Weekend!!!

3 Replies to “The Week That Was – 37…”

  1. Everytime I see your weekly reviews I think it would be awesome to do for my own crew. . .but then when I sit down to actually do it I come up with blanks. . .

    Apparently, we don’t do anything. (Or Alzhiemers is hitting me early.)

  2. Hay C… I let the pictures do the talking and try and take a photo of each kid per week… very often when I am putting it together on a friday night I will discover one hood has slipped below the radar – ooops… Oh neglectful mother! Actually, the posts that give me grey hairs are the Tuesday Art Tasks and many a Tuesday afternoon will arrive and no inspiration flows… as a last resort I have plonked out materials and snapped away! You all have a good week!

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