Saturday Spot: Noordhoek Farm Village…

Yesterday, the kids stayed home with the father person and I popped over to Noordhoek Farm Village with a friend – for peace and pie. And coffee of course, but that’s just to keep me awake when I am not surrounded by the jive and hustle of se7en kids to keep me on my toes.


I haven’t been there for the longest time and I was pleasantly surprised that for all the changes, with a fancy hotel and so on, it’s still the same. It’s a great place for coffee, breakfast and lunch outdoors. Its a great place for kids – there is a play park overlooked by the restaurants… so adults can eat while children play. Not that I glanced at it yesterday – I do know how to take a break when I get one!!! The part I like best about Noordhoek Village are the shops and all the “eye candy,” the bright colors and the fun crafts.


There are a couple of good shops, galleries and a deli that is packed with yummy things to eat…


Lot’s of touristy trap things and lots of wonderful local crafts. It is a fantastic place to stock up on great gifts for overseas friends. In amongst the tourist prices you can still find a couple of really good bargains…

Metal Crafts:


Wire Crafts:


Basket Weaving and Drums:


There is a tack shop for the pony mad kidlet:


A collectable shop – look at all those tins, not to mention Tin Tin!!!


Not to mention look at this sweetie cabinet… exactly like the one I grew up with, at the cafe over the road, when I was a kid.


That’s it the moment has past, home again, home again, and back to reality! Only I am now armed with a heap of gift ideas for the next few looming birthdays.

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  1. Noordhoek truly is still the undiscovered gem of Cape Town, and we who live in this beautiful coastal valleys suburb consider ourselves to be fortunate. Noordhoek farm village is popular with tourists and locals alike. Our favourite treat, when we can get away from my self catering accommodation business, is to have an outdoor breakfast at Cafe Roux, while my grandsonruns plays in safety to his heart’s content.

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