The Whole Wide World in Se7en Steps…

We have a looming birthday on the “relative” horizon and we would like to give this person the world.

So we decided to make one for our Tuesday Art Task. And no, this is not a giant pizza – not even close! It is the whole wide world. This is what you are aiming for…


Let’s Meet the Players:


  • Markers
  • Construction Paper
  • Some ancient printer stickers
  • Project glue
  • Scissors
  • A huge piece of paper to work on, we had a huge piece of brown packing paper.

And Let’s Play the Game:

Step 1: We took construction paper in blues and greens for land and water masses and tore them into smaller pieces.


For some of us that was quite fun enough and some of us wanted more…

Step 2: So we folded our huge piece of paper into quarters and marked of a quarter circle… and snipped around it to form our massive world.


Step 3: We worked round our globe, quarter by quarter: Smearing on glue, then alternating between pasting on land masses and water masses.


And before you know it we had created the land and the sea, in a construction paper kind of a way…


Step 4: And now we needed some features on our planet… So here is the plan: Draw a picture on the sticker, cut it out and stick it on the map and continue until your planet is covered or you totally run out of steam.


And so began the mad marker make up…


And we ended up with features galore: trees, flowers, mountains, volcanoes, houses, planes, helicopters, trucks, people, beasts, boats… dare I say etc!


Step 5: Followed by a frantic snipping frenzy and this part was a little less fun for the mother person… but the end result was fairly satisfying in a “many features” sort of a way!!!


Step 6: Then we spent ages doing the trickier than anticipated peeling of stickers and popping them onto the world…


Step 7: We were done… Complete with an ice-cap and some penguins, a polluting factory, a village, a city, wild beasts and so on and so on… here are the gory details:


A global project of note. This one is worth trying it was really fun!!!

15 Replies to “The Whole Wide World in Se7en Steps…”

  1. Hi K, Glad you like it! I popped over to visit your site – Love your potential garden. Oh I wish we had that space!

  2. Hey Se7en! I found your blog somewhere in Sonlight Land (forum) and I am so pumped! I was searching for someone out there that has thier kids do "thier own core". We’ve been doing this for my 7yo dd for this year and I was beginning to feel guilty. She is doing excellent but NO ONE else does it this way and *gasp* you cant do 2, 3, or 4 cores and NO study groups. Okay so anyway Im glad to find you. Your blog is fun, even when your not talking about Sonlight.. 🙂

  3. Hay V, Nice to meet you too! Don’t ever feel bad about any homeschool choice you make – that’s why its home schooling – your home schooling. I for one love my kids doing their own school because I want them to love learning for themselves… its all very well if they love learning yet I am doing all the learning for them!!! And definitely study or homeschool support has always turned out to be a glorified tea-party for moms and a waste time for kids!!! If I want them to go out with friends to play then let them but don’t call it study group! Nice to meet a kindred spirit. Take care and happy learning!!!

  4. True True. And *gasp* homeschool convention is like one huge commercial. Great for just starting out but when you know what you want for cirriculum I dont see a whole lot of point.. (ooo was that too direct? LOL) I would love to peak into your "Files" someday. I’ve been thinking of doing a working binder system for my kids as well. It would hold there LA, Math, Handwritting and maybe ETC (though its hard to get out of the workbook). Could you do a post on the inside of a binder? And how do you handle three or more Core IG’s? That is where Im lost.. They are so huge. 🙂

  5. One more question.. Does each child have his/her own trug? I’ve been thinking of using crates like Joyce Swan. 🙂

  6. Hi V, I did a post on preparing for school a while back and described how we do our files in there… It works great for them to have their own smaller file with the weeks program and their fill-in pages… and we just add the next weeks schedule from the big files after school on a Friday. So everyone has their own files – the big one with the years work scheduled week by week and that stays on the shelf. Then a weekly binder, that stays with them every school moment of their lives, without it we are lost!

  7. Hi V again!, More or less, each kid has half a trug (they share) of books that they are using that week for school and the rest of the books stay on the shelves. Trugs are portable and they can read anywhere and keep track of all their books quite easily. You have a great weekend!

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