Week That Was – 41

We had a strange and uneventful week… Some weeks are just like that! The sun came out and we have been swimming.


We made some Easter Bread:


We got slightly more organized with meal planning.


We went for haircuts – I think it is always time for haircuts!


It was a strangely destructive week, here is just se7en of them: The father person thinks every week is like this… Tell me your house is like this sometimes too…

  • The blender brought
  • The teapot lid smashed – a grande tradgedia
  • Two glasses smashed in the dishwasher
  • Hood #7’s favorite (and only) walk-about toy got broken.
  • Three wooden train tracks broken – never happened before!
  • Another chair – what is it about our kids and chairs?
  • Countless little toys

We haven’t had a collective photo for a while, so here are Se7en in a row.


I finally read a fabulous book, after a year of dud after dud I read an un-put-downable. The book of the week has to be: Why Gender Matters…


What a great book… I always choose a book or two to read, for myself when I choose our books from the Sonlight catalogue and this is one I chose this year. This is a must read book for anyone that works with kids (that would be parents too!!!). It is so intriguing to learn what makes kids tick – and how girls and boys are so totally different. I got a couple of laughs at the anecdotes… some of which were very close to home. I love that it is referenced and studies are sited to back up the dialogue, so that you are not just reading someone’s glorified opinion. This really is a very insightful read and worth taking more than an idle peep at!

Hood #1:
I hardly saw him, he is frantically working on a book that he is wanting to publish and earn millions!

Hood #2: Made a solar battery recharger – cool bananas…


Not to mention that together Hood #1 and Hood #2 vacuumed the car… hmmm teamwork and a chore of note… I sense a financial motivation!!!

Hood #3: Had a birthday of note and a fabulous night time party (OH WOW!)… That’s a family tradition for the Big 8! And yes there will be a party post on Wednesday…


Hood #4 and Hood #5:Two little boys got up one day, they didn’t think about it they went straight to play and play and play…


Hood #6 and Hood #7: Two little girls got up one day and sat on the couch and pondered what to play.


Hood #7 Began an artistic binge… First with the flour and then she decided on something a little more musical!


There are lots of days to celebrate this week ahead… I for one am looking forward to it! Have a look at the list of calendars I published last week if you are keen to see them:

That’s it I hope you guys all have a wonderful week, and a fabulous long weekend!!!

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