Happy Birthday Hood #3

Happy Birthday Hood #3, thanks for a great day hanging out with us… And we all hope that Eight is Great!!!


We unwrapped together, we snacked together (you wanted(!) boiled eggs on toast for breakfast!), we read together and we baked together… We had a bit of a Bakerella Day inspired by the Pioneer Woman. Of course the Pioneer Woman helpers weren’t pint-sized and quite so greedy, you showed enormous patience with the project!!! The results were indeed worth it!


Today was a perfectly sunny day, just like the day you were born… only there was no baboon on the rock. Just as Hood #3 was about to be born the Father person looked out of the window and said “There is a baboon on the Rock.” I personally could have cared less but the entire house dashed to the window to confirm it as truth… then the midwife and your dad returned to me and you were born… At which stage the baboon beetled off and we were left to wonder at you instead! And were you ever a wonder!!! Have a great year my brown-eyed girl!


9 Replies to “Happy Birthday Hood #3”

  1. What lovely photos(yes i can see them!) and what a great overview of your 8 years. Happy Birthday special girl! much love and our prayers.

  2. Happy, happy, HAPPY birthday Hood #3!!! I wish I could come and bring Aunty Kathy & Uncle Herb & David, and all of us could celebrate your day together. I hope you have a wonderful year being 8. 🙂 Lots of love to you!!

  3. Hay Aunty Muffin, Thanks for the Happy Birthday!!! I am so glad you could see all the pics! We had such fun choosing from thousands of photo’s!!!

  4. Hay L, Thank you so much for the Happy Birthday! You are too sweet! We just had a wild party!!! We hope you guys have a great long weekend together!

  5. It was a birthday day at my house too! My oldest turned 13 today. I made him a Bakerella inspired 13 layer cake and we all enjoyed a school holiday.

    Happy birthday, Hood#3. Enjoy being 8!

  6. Hi M!!! Happy 13th in your house – I can’t believe you made THE 13 layer cake – it looks fabulous!!!! I have been day dreaming about it for quite a while now! Well done! We also have a firm belief that absolutely NO school on a birthday… Funny really since they spent the day writing letters to friends, baking and measuring, reading endless stories to little people and plotting travel routes through the Atlas… but absolutely NO SCHOOL!!!

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