Se7en and ProBlogger’s 31-DBBB Part 2…

I mentioned last week that I was participating in the ProBlogger’s 31 DBBB. Here is a list of what I have managed so far:

Part 1: Task 1 through Task 3.

and here comes Part 2:

Task 4: Analyze a Top Blog in Your Niche.

To do this I will need to know my niche! I am a crafty, cooking, homeschooling, parenting kind of blog… Fingers in a lot of pies! So I went to look at all my favorite blogs: bits of crafting, cooking, homeschooling, parenting kind of blogs! And I see all the best blogs have great design and easy access to past posts… I know that’s I need to get round to that and do some tidying up… And find a way to make the crafts and recipes easy to access on our site.

Task 5: Email a Blog Reader.

This was fun! I normally reply to my comments and so connect readers that comment, unless their comments launch straight into my spam in which case I never think to look at them. With this task I went to look at my stats for the day and went to borwse through and comment on sites that were linking to us at that moment in time. I was surprised when I went to visit sites to find they were actually linking to ours! And some even had posts saying: “I found this on Se7en” go and have a look at it! It was lovely!!! I had no idea we had so many readers let alone ones that link to us!!!

Task 6: 27 Must Read Tips and Tutorials for Bloggers.

Reading away! This turned out to be quite a challenge – there was a lot to read and absorb… lots and lots and I will be referring back to a lot of these posts again… really go and have a browse it is a post full of links to great posts…

Task 7: Write a Link Post

Been there done that, here’s the link: What’s on This Week At Se7en?

Task 8: Interlink Your Old Blog Posts:

This was supposed to be a ten minute task… but I got a bit involved! Needless to say I made a couple of interlinks but I have a list of a whole lot more to make…

Task 9: Join a Forum and Start Participating.

I am a bit weary of this one… I know once I get onto a forum I can read and read and read and I read every branch and I don’t stop until I have read absolutely everything… and I mean everything… every twig, every leaf!!! Which is why I really am not keen to join a forum – it’s all about discipline!!! I actually do whole lot of living and the internet is not my entire life, in fact I have a couple of kids I actually like spending time with as well… so I think I may pass on this Task!!!

Task 10: Waiting to see what is coming my way!!!

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