The Week That was – 42…

Well more glorious sunshine – shew… stave off winter a little longer!


I can’t tell you our book of the week – It’s a surprise and I am saving it up for the 28 April: World Poetry Day… suffice to say it has kept us busy all week and we have totally loved it!!!

And the other thing I have started a new kind of weekly post, What’s on This Week at Se7en linking to the days in the upcoming week that we plan to celebrate or just acknowledge…

And just for fun: If you are one of the only people on the internet who haven’t heard of Susan Boyle then take the time to link through to this video – you will be amazed. It’s lovely – Well the look on everyone’s faces when she blows them away!!! I love when the least expected excels!

Back to the Week That Was… A long weekend with heaps of friends and late breakfasts with the father person’s capuchinno’s:


Friends round for feasts:


We played some cards:


We lit some more birthday candles, even though we were busy with cards.


We tried out the Pioneer Woman’s Macaroni Cheese – hmmm yum, gone!


And we had a mad burger night, thanks to our Celebrity Chef.


We were gifted all the way from our favorite God-Parents in Georgia: look at all those matching toothbrushes!!!


Also, we had a great Leonardo’s Birthday Celebration, and did a glorious chalk invention:


Everyone had a cold, and spent a day or two on the couch and any hope of gathering our school back together after a few days off schedule went, well out the window!


Hood #1 and Hood #2 had some sort of a Zoob revival.


Hood #3 Took the whole birthday thing very seriously!


Hood #4 very kindly took Hood #5 on a long trip to Alaska, they were gone for an entire morning and only just got back in time for lunch.


And Hood #5 took his pony races very seriously…


And he got his magician’s wings after a lot of secret training.


Hood #6 Got a new pair of shoes, finally!!! And she is the happiest girl in the world…


Not to mention she called a friend. Move over i-phone, this girl has invented the potato-phone.


Hood #7 Had her first Easter candy (grannies I tell you!)…


and helped prepare our Easter feast…


And yes all my children live on the table and if anyone knows how to get them off let me know!

That’s it – Have a great weekend… And did I mention our first giveaway on our Sunday Snippet…watch and wait!!!

2 Replies to “The Week That was – 42…”

  1. I made Pioneer Woman’s mac and cheese last week too! (It was fabulous.) I’m tellin’ ya – the similarities between us this week are simply uncanny. 😀

  2. Hi M, Yea I have never tried one of her recipe’s before (actually we did have a Bakerela event for Hood #3’s birthday)… Normally I just oggle, crave and drool through her cooking… but mac and cheese looked manageable for regular folk like us! Isn’t the internet weird, especially when you find other folk living your life on the far side of the world!!! Hoe you have a good week!

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