Se7en Steps To A Pony Party…

Last weekend along with everything that happens on the Easter Weekend we managed to squeeze in a Pony Party for Hood #3 and a couple of giggly girlfriends!


Now as I get older and hopefully wiser I do less and less party preparation. In order to force myself to keep it simple I started preparing on the day… It also saves an awful lot of money to leave preparation to the last minute because you have to just go with whatever you have lying around the house!!! This is the hardest part, it is very tempting to search for the ultimate nicknacks and party paraphernalia… but who actually wants that in their house – I left that out and it was probably one of our very best parties ever!

I know cutting it fine! I started thinking about it a long beforehand though – I have no control over the wandering mind. I did a quick websurf for pony party ideas and was well rather disappointed. It was generally foofi ideas and the crafts just didn’t excite me so this one was completely whipped out of my brain on the day…

Following the outline of se7en steps to a great party on our practical party page lets get going (If you need details on how to do something then follow the link for that particular step):

Step 1: Invitation: We have a plentiful supply of appropriate pony pictures – perfect invite, just add the party details and you are done!


Step 2: Party Starter: Upon arrival everyone received their own pony tail pinned them onto the appropriate pony tail spot!


Step 3: Party Games: We got straight into some serious pony jumping races. No winners, no losers just the fun of “getting it done.” We popped some old tires, some garden chopping, a small triple jump to skip through, an upturned bench… Just a couple of props lying around did the trick. This kept them busy for ages and I think we may indeed set up a “Grand-National” event more often, even on non-party days!


Step 4: Treasure Hunt: I normally leave this till last, but I decided to package their craft materials and let them find them in the hunt… so the next thing they did was go hunting and seeking…


They found a mystery!


Step 5: Party Craft: The treasure hunt led to our peg doll ponies, follow the link to find out how to make them… all I had to add to the table was some glue and pipe cleaners… and the wooden skewers, which I didn’t think should be left loose in the treasure hunt.


Step 6: Party Pinata: A party isn’t a party without a pinata! You might have noticed amongst our Easter Crafts a large pink egg was lurking in all the photos. Well it turned out to be the pink pinata. Somethings have to be done in advance and I had to “hide it” amidst the eggs! And here it is. A big brother covered it in award stickers quickly as guest arrived and it was good to go! If you have an idea of what your kids party theme will be then you can keep your eye open for little pinata fillers in advance and keep them in a safe place.


Step 7: Party Food: Since ponies like carrots and apples that’s what our ponies happily snacked on…


And finally the cake… well this wasn’t a major invention… we made a green field using the quickest easiest cake in the world recipe and topped it with a little pony for everyone to take home…


That’s it…


The party’s done – Have Fun!!!

12 Replies to “Se7en Steps To A Pony Party…”

  1. Love the pony party idea. My girl and boys a bit too old for it, but am going to recommend it for mommies when they come to my library. Splendid!

  2. What a fun party! I love all your simple, creative ideas. My soon-to-be five-year-old has been talking about a pony party, so I’ll be sure to keep this bookmarked! Thanks for sharing – Amy 🙂

  3. Hi S, thanks for stopping by and commenting! It was so quick and easy I kind of wish all my kids wanted a pony party… Not really!!!, I love inventing new parties for everyone and we have never ever had the same party twice!

  4. Hi there A, I had to just check that it was really you commenting! Wow!!! I am so thrilled the real Let’s Explore Blog came by to visit mine!!! Glad you liked the party it was a real winner here!!! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

  5. How cool! I was browsing your site trying to figure out why my sister connected my latest post to your site (thinking perhaps you’d already written something similar and I’d missed it – still can’t see!) and found THIS page. How did I miss this on my feed? I’ve JUST sent out invites to Katie’s asked for Pony Party and have been mentally thinking up some games and activities. And now I don’t have to think nearly as hard! I was going to do races similar to your Grand National idea, but on hand made hobby horses – BUT your idea is MUCH more fun – the kids can BE horses! Lovely! Thanks for the idea, I am unashamedly stealing it! 🙂

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