Colorful Glass Xylophone in Se7en Steps…

So Earth Day arrived and we needed a recycling craft! And a couple of weeks ago we treated the kids to these little Cokes, because they so reminded me of visits to my grandparents when I was a kid… and my grandfather always snuck the kids off to the kitchen for these tiny soda’s that they kept under the kitchen sink! They were never cold, always tepid… but we had no idea they were meant to be cold so we totally loved them!!! Anyway I was waiting for a craft to come to mind and finally one did – A colorful glass xylophone:


And we added beaded wire flowers for finesse:


Let’s Meet The Players:


Everything was recycled, except the food-coloring, even the water we used was run-off!

  • Empty jars – we used soda bottles
  • Droppers – kept from an ancient science kit – I decided on droppers rather than straight pouring in the name of conservation of food coloring supplies!
  • Old wire pegs to make a nice ting sound on the result on the jars
  • Water

Let’s Play the Game:

Step 1: I first warned everyone of the dangers of broken glass about ten million times!!! And then we were good to go…


Step 2: Fill your jars with as much water as you like:


We placed them in a row and had a xylophone:


Step 3: I showed them how to drop the coloring into their jars…


And we added two drops to each jar and for primary colors, and we added a drop of two colors to the bottles in between.


Step 4: We got sidetracked and turned it into a color wheel… primary colors, with secondary colors in between and complimentary colors opposite… frankly everyone was feeling quite clever! Not to mention musical!!!


Up on the shelf that went…


Step 5: And we got to the important stuff of every body dripping and dropping and splishing and sploshing… and I mean everyone!


And added the jars to the shelf:



It sounded so lovely and one little hand couldn’t stop itself from playing and playing and playing!!!

Step 6: But our Xylophone needed a bit more finesse… so we added some wire and bead flowers to the mix. Any flowers will do but if you wanted to make wire flowers then just follow the link.


Step 7: And we were done:


Have Fun!

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