Our First GiveAway Winner…

Last week in the Sunday Snippet we had our first ever Giveaway and I said I would post the winner today. Firstly a huge thank-you to all of you who commented and said such nice things about our blog. Normally I respond to comments as they come in but I realized if I responded in my usual way then I would be entering the giveaway a number of times myself. Not a very good strategy me thinks. So this is my thanks to all of you for entering and saying such lovely things about us – You are too kind. And Thank-you to Christian Book Discounters for providing the GiveAway Books I for one am very grateful!


And the winner was free and fairly selected by a short person with absolutely no bias and no ability to read and discern a difference between entries – as far as I can tell!!!


After a lot of mixing and shuffling and stirring…and mixing some more… The winner is:


Well done to Jessica – I will get your books to you as fast as I can!

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  1. Yeah Jessica. She’s my IRL friend and that is how I found your blog. Off to check out the rest of it.

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