Miniature Skateboards in Se7en Steps…

We are having some sort of skate board revival over here. Apparently if you don’t skateboard every moment of every day, rain or shine, your brain can’t function and you can’t get your math done!!! My kids know the way to my heart… Needless to say I sense a skateboard party looming in the next couple of months! But to tide us over we made mini-skateboards… quick, easy and they look so cute and funky! This is what you are aiming for.


Let’s meet the Players:


  • ice-cream sticks, on the day someone had been through my supplies so we used thick card cut to the right shape.
  • markers to decorate
  • toothpicks – we had a couple of colored ones
  • beads – all sorts of different ones, we had to fiddle around a bit to find some that fitted over the ends of the toothpicks.
  • project glue – just a dash.

Let’s Play the Game:

Step 1: We took our cardboard decks and colored and patterned and designed.



Step 2: Everyone chose their own color sticks and beads… this was by far the longest step in the process!


Step 3: We turned the “decks” over and put a blob of project glue on each end where we wanted the axels to go.


Step 4: Waited for them to dry… which meant rifling through the bead collection and claiming hundreds of beads for potential projects!


Step 5: Threaded our beads onto the axels for wheels.



Step 6: Turned them over and we were good to go.


Step 7: That’s it! Dash back outdoors to skate some more… I think these would make a great party craft!!!

25 Replies to “Miniature Skateboards in Se7en Steps…”

  1. I gotta show that one to Evangel. She is always looking for cute ideas for her girls’ craft class that she now leads during ladies’ Bible study. Those are so cute!
    We’re in CT, by the way, so nice and cool here, but we’re glad to be home for a few weeks.

  2. Hay V, These worked so well, quick and easy!!! Hope E likes them! Glad you guys are home, hopefully you are not freezing to death!!!

  3. Hi K-M I look forward to your Saturday comment! And since your comments are closed can I say I just love the red hooded creature at your picnic this week and your memorial day berries were superb!!! Glad you like the skateboards and thanks for stopping by! Hope you guys have a great week – while we are really freezing to death!!!

  4. O.K I am slow, I can’t figure out the thread part. Does the thread stay on the skateboard and if so how is it tied off. My children love skateboarding. This is the best craft.

  5. Hi R, Sorry this was unclear, we didn’t actually use thread, we just placed the beads onto the toothpick size sticks. And glued the sticks onto the little decks. Hope this helps if you are still stuck then let me know!

  6. Glad you like them Maggy!!! I love your calendar idea – we have always used photographs but artwork is so much more fun!!!

  7. Hi Sara, Good to hear from you!!! That’s a cool idea, you could probably make a little hole in the mini-deck… Hope you have a great day!!!

  8. I just found this via Pinterest, and I know this is an old article, but I can’t understand how the bead wheels stay on the sticks without sliding right off again. My son loves the little ‘Tech Deck” / fingerboards and this would be a cool craft to make with him.

  9. Hi Amy, So great of you to stop by!!! Let me answer your question: We made sure the little holes in the beads were the same size as the sticks – not all beads in the bead box worked, some were too big. The little craft sticks we used were square and the whole in the beads were round so the square sticks jammed into the beads and they didn’t fall off. Hope that helps!!! Hope you have fun creating!!!

  10. Ha I remember fingerboards from my childhood. Now it would be a great fun to do something like this with my kids. Thanks for sharing.

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