U.F.O. Tops in Se7en Steps…

Since on Wednesday this week it was U.F.O. Day it was only natural that our craft of the week was U.F.O.’s. We made spinning U.F.O. tops and of course had to add streamers for pretty effect! This is what you are aiming for, when you can get a whole lot of hoods to stop spinning them:


Let’s Meet The Players:

  • Plain Printer Paper
  • Scissors
  • Model Glue
  • Tin Foil
  • Wax Crayons
  • Watercolor Paints
  • Skewer
  • Party Popper

Let’s Play The game:

Step 1: We cut out three circles for each top.


Step 2: We found the center of each circle. Fold your circles in half and in half again. Make a dot in the center, you will need it later.



Step 3: We covered one of the circles with foil. on both sides.


Step 4: We have been playing with warm and cool colors. With wax crayons we decorated each of the other circles. Then added watercolors on top of the crayons.


At this stage we had three circle per top, two colorful ones and one foil one.


Step 5: While the paints were drying we made some alien windows with pens and stickers.


Step 6: Once the paints were dry we cut a slit to the center point of the colored circles and made cones with them.


Then we added the sticker windows to them.


We put glue around the base of the one cone and poked the skewer through it and then added the foiled circle to the skewer. Then we glued and popped the next cone onto the underside of the silver circle. Needless to say it was a bit of a “kebab” of a U.F.O.



Step 7: I thought we were done but apparently (rumor had it!) we need streamers from party poppers so that our U.F.O.’s had smoke trails as well.


And we were done!


This was quick and easy enough for little fingers to cope with.

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  1. Thanks K-M, I wish you would just pop over and take some photographs for me!!! I love your nap/playtime, and your strawberries are brilliant! Have a good week!

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