The Week That Was – 52

Welcome to the Cape of Storms… we had a week of fantastic stormy weather and I say fantastic because we didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything, so we didn’t actually have to be out in it!


So we stayed home, snuggled down, hot water bottle, hats, blankets, couch, beds and books, books, books…


Yes, we read some books.


A book of the week just wouldn’t work for the epics we have been getting through… So here is a picture of what each hood is reading on the couch right now, from Hood #1 down to Hood #7, while they are waiting for breakfast.


Then out burst a glorious rainbow, giving us hope…


And we had a clear sunny wintry day today – where we could see why we were so cold because the snow on the mountains across the bay was clearly visible. Not to mention we did our monthly shop today and the three-trolly-train did the trip in an hour – really quite ann achievement and I don’t have to think about the store until… well for a month! We were rewarded with a Lindt hot chocolate at the coffee shop…


And yes that is #7 peering out from under the table!


Otherwise we had a great week of de-cluttering toys – my goodness how do they accumulate so fast, especially when I haven’t bought any. We still stick to our se7en toys, but it is those little ones that grow to alarming proportions… so we went through each collection and halved them… I should probably write a post on “decluttering with se7en” but I am far too busy rampaging through the house and getting rid of accumulated stuff. Thank heavens for mad pregnancy hormones that send me into a frenzy of decluttering, I think our house would launch into a complete entropy without it!

And yes I solved my bathing costume dilemma. Big thanks to you guys. Watch my Saturday Spot coming later for the solution!!!

And onto the Hoods:

Hood #1

Spent the entire week doing school under the covers, really it was the only place to be. Aha – The privilege of homeschooling.


Hood #2

Kept his little sister entertained and wrote an entire page of history notes – this is the child who has never ever, Never Ever, written a whole page of anything in his life.


Hood #3

Carries on with her sewing frenzy. Let me tell you a secret, if you say “Of course, I will teach you sometime,” they will eventually teach themselves. Desperation is a great teacher!!!


Hood #4

Started an orchestra with his sister.


Hood #5

Helped me cook up a storm and try out our recipes for our Bulk (Frugal) Vegetable Shopping Post.



And he continued to vandalize our house with a screwdriver…


Hood #6

Was there for every project as usual…


Hood #7

Was the only hood who actually attended school this week!



But isn’t that the cutest scholar!


That’s it! Have a Great Weekend!

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