Se7en Weave the World Wide Web…

This week is our Blogaversary and we have things like the World Wide Web on our mind. And just recently we had this visitor who inspired us somewhat:


So in the middle of winter and glorious weather we took an afternoon off from the beach and we wove our own web, using natural goodies that we have collected and keep in our nature garden. Things like pine cones, sea shells, bark and seed pods. This is what you are aiming for:


Let’s Meet the Players:


  • a pile of sticks/garden poles
  • some strings and things
  • ribbons, pipe cleaners and wire
  • bits of bark, seed pods, sea shells

Let’s Play the Game:

Step 1: To begin with we hammered two poles into the ground where we would plant our web when we were done.


Step 2: Then we piled up our poles to make a base for our web. We tied our poles together using a most proficient knot (not!!!). Papa Bear from “the Berensteins Bear Scouts” would have been proud of our knotting!!!


Then we wrapped a string web around the poles…


Step 3: Then a whole lot of hammering and drilling went on.


Step 4: Followed by a whole lot of threading and knotting.


Step 5: Then a whole lot of tying onto our web.


Step 6: Threading and weaving and winding and our web got more and more intricate.


Step 7: We balanced our web against our upright poles and we were pretty much done – well except for a few more additions. I can see this is an ongoing project!


That’s it – Happy Threading!

14 Replies to “Se7en Weave the World Wide Web…”

  1. Super fantastic!!!

    Are you going to make a post about how number 8 is doing??? Maybe we will see a baby-to-craft… celebrating the newest little miracle?!

  2. Even on the 4 July you comment – Boy your 4 July post was wonderful… made me think we should do something but we had the beach and friends round for burgers and waffles – and I am somewhat finished!!! #8 is doing well, not so much a little kicker more like a shovel and stretcher!!! I am sure we will come up with a baby-to-be welcome idea and I confess I have started sneaking waffles into the freezer in anticipation. Talk about a jumping the gun, but a mother must do what a mother must do!

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