Se7en’s Blogaversary and a Tea-Towel Swap.

Can you believe it?! Our blog is a whole year old. I always thought we would blog about a year and then see how it goes. I thought I would run out of ideas and things to post about. I didn’t expect to love blogging so much and I never expected that after about 450 posts we would still have something to say… but we do! In fact I don’t seem to have any fewer ideas now than I did when we began! So on we go…




And since we are a year older and wiser I thought we could play a bit of a swapping game. We used to travel a whole lot and collect tea-towels from wherever we had been, but we haven’t in a while and our tea towels are looking decidedly past tense – every time I look at them I feel a bit tragic!

I thought we could have a tea-towel swop to celebrate our blogaversary.

This is how it works: If you are keen and you want to play then leave a comment on this post and tell me if you are local (South African) or International (Anyone not South African) …

I will randomly match everyone up with another – hopefully a South African with an International to mix the bag up somewhat. And then you will send each other two dish towels specifically from your part of the world. Posting deadline will be the end of July so that everyone can get their dishtowels before they have forgotten they were participating!

Let’s say it again: If You want to Play

Step 1: Leave a comment on this post before next weekend (11/12 July 2009).

Step 2: Mention if you are local or international.

Step 3: Wait to hear from us.

Sounds easy enough! Comment Away!!!

Otherwise, in honor of this happy event we will send Se7en lucky commenters, who comment on any post on our blog in the next week a “collectors item of a handprinted handcrafted tea-towel by the Se7en” Wherever you are in the world… Its a bargain – get commenting, on any post in the next week!!!

P.S. If you haven’t entered this weeks giveaway then tomorrow is the final day to enter, follow the link to stand a chance.

23 Replies to “Se7en’s Blogaversary and a Tea-Towel Swap.”

  1. Oh i would love to participate.
    I am from the Georgia, in the US!!!

    I am so glad i found your blog, you have inspired me with many creative ideas, and ALOT of helpful hint!!!


  2. My tea towels are way past their prime as well, though being in the states I call them dish towels. So, I’m in for the swap, and we’re international!

  3. Hi love your blog. We are planning to homeschool next year using Sonlight. I live in South Africa in GP. Take Care and God Bless

  4. Congrats on making it to a year – I hope for all our sakes you keep sailing on for years to come : )

    I’m excited to swap tea towels from here in Sydney, Australia (that would make me International!)

    Warmly, Jo

  5. Happy anniversary! And may we long have the treasure of your shared creativity and experience!
    There’s nothing as irresistible to me as a fresh tea towel, so count me in, from Cape Town, SA.

  6. Hi, mom of three here from Constantia CT .. local is lekker! I have followed your blog from day one to today, I love it and think your kids are fantastically creative joyful beings … must have something to do with the Mother Person? Lots of love

  7. hi there , im from england and think this is another great idea of yours , t towel swapping love it

  8. GREAT idea 🙂 We’re coming up for our 2 year anniversary this month, so I think I may just copy you (again!) with a noteworthy celebration of sorts. I’m keen for the great swap. You know where I’m from, but for the benefit of others, I’m another Cape Town child 🙂 Congrats on your first year and a truly brilliant website! (I envy how ORGANISED it is – unlike the hodge podge that is Hayes Happenings!)

    Love T

    PS – I’m eagerly awaiting se7en’s entry into Amatomu’s top 20 🙂 I’m way off at 200!

  9. I’m from Malawi, and would love to send someone a special Malawi tea towel! We have been using Sonlight with our 7 for 15 years, it gets better all the time! (Sonlight not us!) We are heading on an adventure to the Mozambique coast tomorrow so wont be online again till the 18th July~

  10. I identify with the feeling: ‘tragic tea towels’ I’d like to participate, I am local – Cape Town.

  11. Happy blogaversary – may you have many more! Thanks for sharing and inspiring. Little beats the luxury of a fresh tea towel so count me in – we’re from Cape Town.

  12. Hi Se7en, Yes, great idea and count me in for the tea towel swap too please! I also just love nice tea towels. Especially when they each have a different story to tell! I’m from Durban, SA.

  13. Just to say, I received my tea towels from Jacki yesterday. They were fab. In fact I’ve just written a blog entry about it if you want to see pictures. 🙂

  14. Hi C – Oh Yay!!! You are the first response and I am so glad to see that it worked… Hopefully others will let me know and I will do a round-up post in a couple of weeks. Thanks for getting back to us!

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