Sunday Snippet: Elisha GiveAway Winners…

I know you are holding on for dear life to see if you were the chosen winners for our Elisha GiveAway last week. Because it was our Blogaversary and such a special event, our kind sponsors gave us se7en books to GiveAway, yup Se7en!!! So special thanks to Christian Books Discounters for all the Day One Books…



So here we go, ten entries:


And my unbiased, non-reading, number shuffler, picker, chooser was ready to do her job…


But I felt bad for the three readers that weren’t going to make the grade. So I got hold of our sponsor and said: “Ahem, three more Elisha Books would be really nice. Could you, Would you???” And they Did!!! No problem. So to all of you who made the effort the enter there is a book carefully selected just for you:


Ten entries and ten books. Huge thank-you to all of you for entering and bigger thank-you to Christian Book Discounters for understanding the dilemmas of a mother person and being so very generous!!!


So, if you are one of the ten I will be contacting you for your snail mail address in the next couple of days… and Elisha will be making his way to you! Since we live at the bottom of Africa it may take a while to get to you, but have no fear eventually it should wind its way over sea and over land…

Meanwhile, did I say thank-you enough? Just in case I didn’t – really thank-you to Christian Book Discounters for all the lovely Day One books.



3 Replies to “Sunday Snippet: Elisha GiveAway Winners…”

  1. Wow, thank you Se7en! I’m looking forward to receive my book! May I send you an Above Rubies magazine as thank you gift?

  2. Hi L, Thank-you that is very kind of you – #7 is getting her eye teeth and I am getting nowhere near emailing all my winners at the moment!!! Let alone blogging! This too shall pass!!! Have a good week I will get back to you soon as I can!

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