Saturday Spot: Our Local Market…

One thing about living in the South Peninsula, and for those of you who are not from Cape Town that means the lower portion of the Cape Peninsula, there are lots of places to see and lots of things to do. There are great places to eat out and the best beaches you can imagine. There is a great spot for ice cream and a bakery. But, certainly on the False Bay coast we don’t have a deli worth mentioning.

What we do have is a market, and not everybody knows about it, and right now that’s as good as it gets – and it is very good!


It is an indoor treasure trove that opens up on Saturday mornings (9 till 2). You don’t have to worry about the wintry weather it is all undercover. It is packed with great goodies to eat – there are other things but food tends to be our priority as we follow our noses from one end to the other!

Here they are setting up for business, long before most of us are alert. It is Saturday after all!!!


There are breads galore, olive oils, spreads and pate’s. Pasta sauces, all-sorts of sauces! Lots of things to try and savour!


Cheeses and Deli-meats and good friends!


There are home bakes and cupcakes to die for – with glitter icing that our kids adore, who would have thought – glitter icing!


Jams, spreads, and all yummy things worthy of tasting.


There are lots of things to eat right there, with heaps of tables for impromptu picnics… Pancakes and fabulous pies, hotdogs with exotic sausages and wraps.


I know there are other things like homemade soaps and creams, books and wood work but we have never lingered there – having more than a few purposeful noses. And this is why I go, everything else is just joy… but I am after these…


The vegetable stand is packed with glorious color and brilliant vegi’s. Whatever we don’t get in our vegi-box we get here. Just look at those colors:


These are really reasonably priced (better than that), not smothered in layers and layers of packaging, and brilliant quality fresh vegetables – also they have lots of things you can’t normally get in our supermarkets like chinese cabbage for stir fry. We love these vegetables and they have become part of our Saturday morning routine – if I can call whatever we do on Saturdays a routine!

Really I haven’t mentioned most of what you can find there go and find some treasures for yourself! And take a shopping bag – even if you go for just one thing you may be tempted to buy a “couple” of other things too!!!

So where exactly is it? It is on the Main Road in Fish Hoek. In the building above Pep Stores, there is no parking on the Main Road but there is parking behind it. If you get confused ask somebody – it is where everyone is headed!

Huge thanks to our good friend “Uncle Pete” for all the brilliant photographs. I just don’t have what it takes to walk around asking friendly store holders if I can take their pictures!!!

8 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Our Local Market…”

  1. Hay you! We are so glad you told us about it – and persisted so until we finally went!!! Have a good week!

  2. Hi! I’ve heard so much about this market – will def go when we get back… There’s no place like home!

  3. Hi H, Good to hear from you!!! It sounds like you are having so much fun in the far far north… I wish I had seen those puffins!!! Travel safely!

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