The Week That Was – 2.3

A typical South African wintry week…


With torrential rain and flooding. Not to mention should you have an old stone wall in your kitchen, backing straight onto the mountain you will have “a river running through” luckily down the wall, across the floor and out the door – clever engineering!!! And Hood #7 thought she had arrived with all the paddling…

Well my terrible twins (not actually), but certainly partners in crime, had a snack – notice the one “plates up,” while the other just eats.


And then they were off in search of snow. There was snow on the distant mountains – it is/was freezing. No we don’t have any heating we are sturdy South Africans after all…


And the rain was followed by incredible sunshine, cold but sunny enough for our house to dry out and a certain hood who recently turned six to think that it would be a good idea to round everyone up for a swim. Oh the heady joy of the opportunity to freeze to death!



The same nutty hood left this chap in the bathroom, but like our little visitor last week that didn’t clean dishes – this one didn’t do anything about cleaning the toilet – just observed!


Meanwhile some lizards found it hard to even raise their heads in the sunshine. Let alone open their eyes…


I would love to say we found this fabulous website:, with heaps of things to do, to see, recipes, house and home projects – oh it has lovely bits and bobs of everything gorgeous. But, I didn’t find them, they found us! And I am thrilled! Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish (you can google translate if you must) just look at the eye candy – as far as the eye can see – brilliant!

And our book of the week will have to be this one…


If you want to look inside this fantastic book then follow the link: My guys were totally inspired by all the bird projects and built a hide where they could watch and draw and generally keep out of too much mischief for hours on end – you have to sit very quietly to see birds!


Otherwise the hoods burst forth with all sorts of mad ideas. They sensed the end of the school term in sight. We are on holiday – well I plan to declutter and have a science week. And hand print a few tea towels and read a lot of stories – oh please may it rain so that I don’t feel compelled to dash to the beach! Oh I have list of about a million things to do… and the motivation of a sloth in full swing!

So back to the hoods:

Hood #1: Dealt with the citrus situation:


And got his little brother up to date with his Bible reading, that might have slid a bit because every time the mother person starts to read she falls asleep – useless I say!


Hood #2: Got supper going while the mother person dashed to gym.


Hood #3: Continues her sewing frenzy and whipped up this bag…


And decided to take on the role of Zoob royalty. What can say royalty suits her!!!


Hood #4: Well I am not sure what he got up to – it was a very very very looong story, not quite as long as his father’s shirt though!!!


Hood #5: Made sure there were flowers on the table at every meal.


And he did a lot of lone-rangering:


Not to mention lurking:



Hood #6: Took our Tuesday Art Task to heart… but she is not telling it is a sheekwit (secret). It took a bit longer than expected – sewing projects can do that when the mother person needs more than two hands!!!


Hood #7: Was totally misreable, streaming cold and teething. She nearly killed me for lack of sleep…


Then she had a good sleep and completely recovered (can’t say the same for me!)


And she mastered climbing the back wall, all in a days work and we can’t keep her away from this new found skill!!!


Hood #8: You all keep asking. So 10 weeks to go… and definitely making it’s little presence known. We have a midwife appointment this week and will hear the thumpity thumpity of the heartbeat – I can’t wait – I love that noise!!! Of course you have to be 200 times healthier than any normal woman if you are intending for a home birth in this country and I will have to spend the next couple of days – strictly resting. No building barns, just plenty of stories on the couch.

Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. I am unable to down load the pictures to make the Bed Bug Hand Warmers. Is it possible if you can e-mail it to me?

    Please pretty please!

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