Saturday Spot: Virtual Voyage – Se7en Steps to Getting Going…

Welcome to our Virtual Voyage, I have mentioned before that we are about to depart on a couple of weeks worth of Virtual Voyage. Finally our notice board is ready and good to go with the se7en things we need to get started on our trip…


I thought I would just give you a list of the se7en things we needed to prepare for our voyage, with tips on how to prepare as we go along. We especially made use of materials lying around the house – nothing fancy, and you should probably have these materials lying around as well.


  1. A Map: You can’t go anywhere without one. Here is a link to how we made our one. As we go along we will put pins in to mark where we have been and where we still intend to go…


    Otherwise in the top right hand corner of our notice board we have a collection of National Geographic Maps, stored in a cut-off envelope. These are to provide us with inspiration for impending journeys.

  2. DSC03515

  3. Baggage: These were really easy to make they are just old file folders with masking tape stretched over them – to give them that suitcase look! We will add stickers and flags to them as we travel around the world.


  4. DSC03530

  5. Journals: Inside our baggage files we will keep our journal pages that we will eventually staple together to form a book.


  6. DSC03548

  7. Passports: Everybody knows you can’t go very far without them. We make these often for daily play and my kids pack endless suitcases and take their passports with them. Here is an easy way to make them.
    • Design a cover and inside page, on the inside page I leave room for a photograph (they can draw themselves if you wish) a fingerprint and a couple of personal details:


    • Fold this cover page in four so that it looks like a little book. Fold as many internal pages as you think you will need for passport stamps, visas and so on:


    • Line the inner pages up against the cover fold and staple:


    • And your passport is ready for travel:


  8. DSC03549

  9. Tickets: Don’t leave home without these! They are pretty much a blank template at the moment and I am going to turn them into “Country Clue Cards” as we go.


  10. DSC03550

  11. Postcards: Every traveler needs post cards to send home and we made a couple of our own.
    • Make some postcard templates:


    • Cut some colored paper slightly bigger than the templates, and some blank paper the same size as the templates.


    • Stick your postcard template to one side of the colored paper and the “potential photographs” on the other and your postcards are good to go.


  12. Vehicles: Finally you will need to get from A to B so to speak so we made some vehicles. Follow the link to see how to make these.


That’s it for now:


Follow us as we begin our travels later in the week.

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