Saturday Spot: Se7en went to Brad’s Bistro…

After a week of hectic decluttering and sorting and sifting and clearing out I was fairly fatigued on Friday and the father person bounded home and offered to take us out for dinner – YAY, we love eating out!!! So we headed for Kalk Bay, where else… Our local stomping ground. The first restaurant we went to was booked out – of course we were being far too spontaneous to think of booking! Anyway they kindly sent us on to Brad’s Bistro. Now the father person and I have been dying to go there since it opened but we have always been on the way some where else. Eventually we were “forced into it”… Trust me on this don’t wait!!! If you are looking for a place to eat out – or you have a looming birthday or anniversary… trust me this is a good spot!


If you are going to be in Kalk Bay, for breakfast lunch or dinner then this is a great place to be. It has an intriguing entrance: through the nursery during the day, or down this walkway on a cold wintry night.


So as we arrived we were offered drinks and a menu that provided real family food. No kids specials – no overpriced nuggets and fries – I knew straight away our evening would be a good one. The items on the menu were all edible by everyone, nothing obscure. Lamb chops, chicken curry, pork fillet in mustard and green peppercorn sauce.


And there is lots to look at while you are waiting for your food to arrive. You can take a look at the chef brewing your dinner… you can take a look at the waves breaking just outside the window – this must be glorious in the day and was marvelously mysterious on a dark and rainy night.


Some of us find waiting a lot easier than others – the bread basket filled with fresh ciabatta helped.


We started with grape juice.


And I had a fabulous homemade lemonade. How glorious is that!


Then we shared a mussel starter… and since this is about my favorite dish I shared the most of it with me!!! Our celebrity chef was intrigued that anyone could or would eat sea shells!


For our non-meat-eating hood there was a mezze platter with olives and cheeses and artichokes and mushrooms…yum, yum gone…


Everyone else settled on their first taste of lamb chops. A serving comes with three huge chops and so two servings was quite enough for six kids. The chops come with a serving of vegetables… creamed spinach (which my kids love to fight over!), potatoes and colorful roast vegetables.


The father person had the curry and I had the fillet,


Followed by a lot of silence…


And after that we still managed to squeeze in two berry pavlovas – quite enough for all of us. No photographs, a mother person only has so many hands!


We had a wonderful evening… timeless. I have no idea how long we were there. I didn’t once worry about people getting to bed too late, I didn’t once worry about how long it was taking to get through our meal – we just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. There was no rush, no scurry, no bedlam – just calm and warm and peaceful. There was even time to play before we headed home again…


We all went home and collapsed till the next day. Now, that’s the real reason why there was no Friday blog post this past week!!!

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  1. This is the original “mrs brad” here…
    Brad sold his restaurant to Mike recently and we are now living in Buenos Aires. It was great to read about our old ‘home’. We have some wonderful memories of our restaurant and it is so good to hear that it is still being enjoyed. my blog info is you are interested is, no plans of restaurants for us in the near future….

  2. Hi Mrs Brad – I so can’t believe it!!! How on earth did you find our review!!! Shew it can’t have been easy to move from ideal Kalk Bay!!! You guys sure started a good work there! The new “Mr Brad” told us as we left that his heart failed when we walked in and he didn’t have fries or a kiddies menu… Little did he know how thrilled we were to have a menu with real food and no junk under the disguise of a “kids menu”!!! I will definitely pop over and visit your blog. Thanks for stopping by!!!

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