The Week That Was – 2.6

Another week of glorious winter sunshine. It did rain once or twice, pouring down all night long and then cleared up each day so we weren’t housebound.


We did finally get round to a science week – I just couldn’t face headlong school. and we have all become a little obsessed with the weather. Anyway, we will be back in the school swing on Monday, even though Monday is a holiday here…


National Women’s Day (say no more!) – and Hood #3 discovered it on the calendar this evening: “Natural Women’s Day – What’s that all about, what are we celebrating anyway – What on earth is a natural woman?” I didn’t go there and I didn’t burst her bubble about natural vs. national women!!!


Talking of women, one of us has changed allegiance – and only the father person will do!!! Just in time. I dare say that looming sibling will be a lot more welcome now!!!


I finally bought some new paints last weekend (we have been desperately low for a while) and our kitchen sink looked like variations of this all week long. I seem to have heaps of energy for anything to do with nesting: purging and scouring no problem… but banal things like getting out of bed in the morning, the next meal and cleaning paint platters seem un-important or shall I say unachievable right now!!!


We have been munching away on lemon puddings and for the first time in many months we are actually out of lemons. Believe it or not!


Otherwise we have been planting up our keyhole garden and generally doing a whole lot of spring preparation – yay the nights are getting shorter. But the news of the week would have to be our visitor – and someone in his family always arrives as soon as we plant vegetables. Luckily this guy was not hungry. But boy did he cause some excitement – hence the lack of photograph. For some reason my little guys were playing right at the front door and I heard them chatting:

“Well doesn’t that look like a big monkey?”

“I think it might be one of those baboons things…”

At which stage I rose from my lap top to see if the conversation was real or imagined. Ahem, real enough for me…

“Would you guys mind going inside for a second.”

Of course everyone is crowding out to see more, but eventually they went inside leaving Hood #7 staring eye to eye with the beast. I grabbed her and headed indoors. And are these beasts quick, by the time I turned and locked the door he was trying the door behind us. Very creepy! And then we all watched him toss the laundry about and turn his nose up at our freshly planted vegetables (he better not be coming back when they are bigger!) and wandered off. But he has been lurking up and down our road all week and thoroughly enjoying the jungle gym. I am very cautious about letting the little ones wander too far from the front doorstep. And would someone down the road please plant some potatoes!!!


This would have to be our book of the week, we have had this book a couple of months and suddenly everyone is reading it from cover to cover. It is packed with gory details about absolutely everything about everything. I am quite happy to pour over it and read aloud to anyone who isn’t quite reading yet. Any excuse to sit on the couch with a good book and a couple of kids is a good thing in my eyes!!!

So let’s look at their week:

Hood #1 Should have been spending hours tootling for his looming exam, but instead I found him lurking around the garden. Turns out he was building yet another story – even above the eerie… They have surely run out of tree.


Hood #2 Did all sorts of scientific stuff, totally his thing making and building and inventing…


Hood #3 Did A whole heap of water coloring, lurking in the great outdoors and then discovered she was the flower planter of note!


Hood #4 Has never ever worn a shirt without doing the top button up (where is he from!) anyway he now has a rather spectacular bow tie to go with his kit. And man does this guy enjoy his science.



Hood #5 A friend borrowed his cookbook and he was left to explore a couple of others. I sense some inspiration coming on!!! He keeps asking for obscure ingredients to go onto the shopping list. Otherwise he helped me whip up James’s Beef and Ale stew… yum!!!


Hood #6 Has discovered that hiding from the camera is great fun!!! Look away, Look away… and I am up and Oh my goodness gone!


Hood #7 Was so excited about the extravagance of a bath (normally she jumps in the shower with everyone else) that she leapt in with her clothes on… I guess it didn’t feel so good!!!


Otherwise she really goes for this painting idea… hmmmm totally immersion is the way to go. But lets face it she does scrub up well.


Hood #8 I know I haven’t got round to any wildly exciting preparatory projects… but I did wash some baby whites this week…


That’s us!!! Have a Great Weekend!!!

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