Virtual Voyage – We are off on a trip to Africa…

Finally after our mid-year break from school we are back in the swing and getting on with our Virtual Voyage… Our passports are ready and good to go…


And we are off to Africa…


We started by puzzling and playing this fun map game online.

And then we went a searching:

  1. We found some good resources on the internet:
  2. And read a heap of Africa picture books, these were our favorites:



  3. And we looked at a bunch of books about Africa this is our best, packed with facts and full of things to do:


  4. We tried some really good recipes:

    Heaps of kid friendly recipe listed by country.

  5. We examined some wonderful artifacts (Thanks Jack for the great photographs!!!):


    And we went on a mad dash search around the house looking for products from Africa:


  6. We went looking for crafts:


  7. IMG_3809DSC03955IMG_5088

  8. And here some online fun goodies:

Everyone has decided exactly where to go and our tickets are ready:




We’ll see you next week when we get back… and tell you all about our trip.

12 Replies to “Virtual Voyage – We are off on a trip to Africa…”

  1. Ok now tell me WHERE did you get such a stunning puzzle of Africa? I want one for me.

  2. Hi T, We got ours as a gift. and you will see more of them, we just couldn’t get hold of one continent in the series… needless to say I have no idea where they came from but it could have been the local “kilo shop” or “paperweight.” Sorry I couldn’t have been more helpful!!! Have a great week!

  3. Hi K-M, Hay you stopped by!!! I am glad you like the look of our school… now if I could just get everybody out of bed and chomping at the bit with eagerness… It is cold and wet and rainy. I grant them that. It looks like another week of school under the covers! I can not believe what you guys ate for dinner!!! But I can believe your little guy laughing to bust a gut!!! Have a good week!!!

  4. Thank you Sumbul!!! And Thanks for the link as well, so many folks have asked us where to get those puzzles!!! Have a great day!!!

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