The Week That Was – 2.7

So we are back in school – restful compared to the mad frenzy and nesting that went on during our mid-year break…


It rained almost the entire week, which suited us fine… for getting back into work and reading heaps of readers on the couch. It also meant that our “Tuesday Art Task” was pretty disastrous because the sun never came out to dry them – ever… this is what they look like so far… Don’t ask!!! and hopefully the sun will come out and dry them and the mystery will be revealed to you this week!!!


Apart from lots and lots of school – or maybe it taking lots and lots of time to do school, what with dragging enthusiasm… we did manage to celebrate s’more day:


I had two little visitors lurking at my laptop this week – they didn’t do any chores but then who needs these little helpers when I have an army of chore loving kids (hmmm) !!!

The bug:


And the alien:


The painting frenzy continues and our sink still looks well like an art depot! I am not complaining, at least every one is busy.


And we finally began our virtual voyage and we are headed for a spin around Africa…


We don’t have a book of the week so I thought I would just share what every on is reading right now… from Hood #1 down to Hood #7.


So let’s see what the guy’s have been up to this week:

Hood #1: Treated us to a night out and a trumpet concert, and sweated his way through exam preparation for this week coming.


Hood #2: Didn’t bat an eye at the back-to-school schedule. He had books to read and frankly nothing comes between him and a book.


Hood #3: And well the reading bug has bitten hard! But at least she was winding her way through her school books!


Hood #4: Quietly flew under the radar by burying himself in the Lego box. We did manage a reading lesson everyday this week. He is finally at the stage where he is reading, but has no idea that he can!!! So reads his way through the odd book, while waiting for me to come and read it to him!!!


Hood #5: Mastered the back wall with ease.


And what on earth does a Celebrity Chef draw, when he has a whim to do anything other than cook: A Whisk – but of course!!!


Hood #6: It was her week to get hold of the paints in a major way – and let’s be honest: wasn’t she good at it!


Hood #7: This cute creature:


Well she discovered a large box… and was the happiest creature in the world.


Hood #8: Is happily thumping away!!! And while #8 was dragging me up and down the pool at gym earlier today it occurred to me that our jalopy is a nine seater and we are going to need a ten seater if we want to get from A to B in one car – hmmmm! I wonder if there are any “too good to be true” blog sponsors out there!!! Just kidding – we will have need to squeeze a plan and we need to figure out the seat belt situation.

That’s us… Hope you have a great week!!!

8 Replies to “The Week That Was – 2.7”

  1. I have to say I love reading nyour blog. My kids and I have also tried alot of your books! We love them! So wow, #8. And I thought my hands were full with 5! Are any of them twins?

  2. Hi B, Glad you enjoy the same books as us! Nope no twins – just wishful thinking I am afraid!!! #2 and #3 are very close friends – they breathe the same air so to speak and #4 and #5 are a year apart and we call them the terrible twins because quite frankly the one is the ideas man and the other the action man and between them they manage to take mischief to a new level!!!! Have a great week!!!

  3. Ooops, I think I just missed a BIG something. You’re expecting?!?!?!

    Holy cow, and you’re not “just” expecting either, you are rather close. How on earth did I miss this?!


  4. Hi C, Good to hear from you again. You have been a bit busy and inundated!!! And yes I do feel about as fat as a cow. But it is only a couple of weeks to go before I am vaguely human and back to myself again!!! Have a good week!!!

  5. Thanks Aunty Muffin, I think the weather: deluging rain, flooded roads, broken windscreen wipers and so on were more of a challenge to me than the exam was to him!!! He survived and had a great time!!! I was shattered and I have no idea how you clever parents ever get through final school exams!!!

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