Saturday Spot: The Baby Basket and Se7en Pre-Baby Traditions…

We have this basket that comes out for the new baby in the last few weeks before it is born. It is placed on the table in anticipation of the great moment of arrival! Nothing spectacular mind you but a major step in the build up to the moment not to mention in the ritual of anticipation!!! You might look at this and think – is that all!!!




  1. A hat.
  2. A vest.
  3. A onsey.
  4. Some diapers (nappies).
  5. Blankets: one smooth blanket and one fluffy.
  6. Some belly button powder.
  7. And a towel.

What can I say: the minimalist in me shines through. But really it is all that a fresh fresh baby needs. It may make my preparation look flimsy but there are other important rituals in our home that come to pass before a new baby can arrive…

So here are Se7en traditions that come to pass the week or two before our new baby can be born:


  1. Sometime in the week before a baby is born the father person and I always watch When Harry Met Sally. The only time we ever watch it. I think he may be humoring me for the eighth, but really it’s the least he can do at this stage!!!
  2. IMG_8243

  3. I will wash every single towel in the house almost daily – because one must! Not to mention midwives always ask for towels. And if no baby arrives – no problem I will wash them again the next day!!!
  4. DSC00401

  5. Sometime in the week of the new baby, almost always the night before we will eat hamburgers – even take-outs if must be! – horrors. this is a bizarre tradition that was never intended or planned, it just happened!
  6. DSC01079

  7. We will go for a long walk on the beach whatever the weather – it is my final attempt at peace and serenity!!! Yeah right, equating se7en kids and a trip to the beach can be a bit obscure for some… but it the ensuing silence in the following sleep of joyful fatigue and contentment that I am after!
  8. DSC04666

  9. I will scrub the house daily – show house ready – home births mean folk visit your home. In fact home-births can be a bit of a hospitality project but that’s a whole ‘nother post! Our house will be clean and clutter free. Last thing every night the kitchen will be perfect and I will scrub the bathroom, I have this fear of the mid-wife arriving at two in the morning to a messy bathroom. Fact is, we have never had a baby fall-out so fast that I didn’t have time to clean the bathroom and do a quick sweep between contractions and before the mid-wife arrives! Just in case though!
  10. DSC04922

  11. My freezer will get progressively stuffed with waffles, in anticipation of the Zero Birthday Party.
  12. IMG_0255

  13. Otherwise I will spend almost all of my time lying on the couch, (replace the father person in the picture with me!) reading stories and thinking of a million things I must do… only to leap up (actually stagger up) and do them you never know this may be the last chance – ever!!!

That’s it – Baby preparation in a nutshell!

11 Replies to “Saturday Spot: The Baby Basket and Se7en Pre-Baby Traditions…”

  1. Hi E, Congrats! Aren’t these last days tiresome!!! Anything to look forward to, be it waffles or pancakes is just wonderful! Hope you have a good week.

  2. A Home Birth???!

    Whew. . .

    You know, one thing I actually discovered I liked about being military was that no-one came immediately after the baby was born. I got the babe and my family all to myself for the first couple of weeks. It was a huge blessing. (in my opinion)

  3. Hehe!!! My mother-in-law visits within the hour, whatever the hour… and then we have a steady stream for about a week followed by silence! It is almost better to have all the madness when I am full of joy and the father person is home hopefully home from work! Home births work for me I am just too terrified of hospitals!!! Glad you guys had a fun weekend!

  4. I know I’m terribly behind on reading and commenting on the blog but wanted you to know we’re all praying & waiting in anticipation for hood #8! 🙂 Lots of love from the Herbs to all of you!!

  5. You make everything sound so simple!! 🙂 Definitely inspirational. Looking forward to meeting the new little one! Thinking of all of you!

  6. Hi K, If only you knew the complexities of simplicity!!! Actually as I head for the couch to put my feet up again things are pretty simple around here round now… Scrub rest nest, scrub, rest, nest!!! Hope you guys have a fun week!!!

  7. I’m also anticipating a homebirth within a few weeks. My big girls are so excited about getting to help with this babies birth. My first birth was in a hospital – since then, all have had a midwife – I can’t imagine doing the hospital thing again if I can avoid it.

    Can’t wait to see your new little one.

  8. Hi R, All the best with your upcoming birth… my kids love being their to see their new siblings, generally they are playing around or if it is the dead of night sleeping – but the first like “wa” and they are there!!! Have a good day!

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