The Week That Was – 2.10

Hello Blogworld, another week has passed us by.


And we are in September – I totally love September, not that the cold grumpy weather is over, but Spring is in the air. The poppies are starting to pop and the birds are in a frenzy of peeps and whistles and calls…


Lot’s of little visitors are creeping out of the flower beds!


And some of us are keeping a close eye on the keyhole garden.


We should have one more huge storm or a couple of cold fronts but by the end of the month we should be back in the pool!


As for me, well this photo sums up my week.


As time counts down to Hood #8’s arrival. I have gone on a “Get ALL your school work done by the end of the end of each day!” plan and catching up any loose ends. Every assignment must be done and right now! Not everyone is thrilled about the total lack of slack!!!


The cafe has been busy.


And open for business all week.


Otherwise I still have a kitchen sink to be proud of – not!!! Lurking with paint brushes on a daily basis…


We seem to be in some sort paint frenzy!!!



And our book of the week has to be:


We have read parts of it for school before but never all at once, so we are jumping in feet and all and laughing our whole way through the entire collection. We are all totally loving it, and reading it at every opportunity.

Hood #1: Has been whale watching, I won’t take a photo of the whales because all you will see is a spec on the horizon… but trust me the whales are back!!!


Hood #2: Has a new exercise routine. Dragging tires around on his back, like an over-burdened turtle. No I have no idea where he got this idea from… let’s just say an inventor at heart!


He was worn out and his little sister thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. Laugh out-loud mindless hysteria!!!


Hood #3: Spent hours teaching her little sister all about fashion and matching outfits!


Hood #4: Decided puzzling in a sunny spot was far more beneficial anything that looks like school, funny thing is I slid it all in on the sly! He puzzled away and I read away and we were done!!!


Hood #5: Had a fabulous painting frenzy, my goodness I hope he sticks to being a chef because if he becomes a drummer the audience will be in danger of serious hearing damage.


Hood #6: Was the apple thief in the apple pie project. Everything took ten times longer than it should have because every time he peeled and chopped the apple vanished.


Hood #7: Has taken to putting herself to bed for an afternoon nap every day … I know the feeling!!! And here is a sleepy head that arrived at the kitchen window to see what was for supper.


Hood #8: Finally figured that head down is a good idea!!! And we are biding our time to arrival day. Scrubbing and cleaning every crumb and paint drop!!! Not starting any major projects and lots of resting on the couch!!!

That’s us! Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. Hi P, Thanks! I haven’t forgotten your questions last week was a week of questions, and all very similar to yours so I am plonking all the answers into a post – they are coming soon to an email near you!!! Enjoy the last bits of weekend!

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