Se7en’s Birthday and these are a few of my Favorite Things…

So yesterday was my birthday, yup the day after Hood#1’s… Birthday! I would have posted this but our internet connection was tepid and clearly I wasn’t meant to be blogging!!!

Let’s get back to the birthday thing:

This is me in the olden days when I was young, about “19” years ago, before cars and trucks, before refrigeration. In the time when folk lived in castles or even earlier when romans were building roads. It all just depends on what we are reading for school.

birth story007

From here to there, from there to here:


Funny things are everywhere… and some things are really funny for some and a little less funny for me!!!


And just like I share se7en of the Hoods favorite things, let me share se7en of mine:


  1. Favorite Flowers: Irises
  2. CD9C86A4-F11F-4125-892D-66D2C1A68869.jpg

  3. Favorite Book: Jane Eyre. Don’t ask for the next favorite because suddenly the list explodes into a multitude of books!!!
  4. DSC05920

  5. Favorite Food Around the World: Street Food – love eating from vendors! Schwarma in Greece, pasta in Florence, pizza al metro in Rome. I could go on but will save you from the agony!!! If I am at home then I am with Garfield: Lasagna and fresh salad can’t be beat!
  6. DSC00288

  7. Favorite Ice-Cream: Italian and my best flavors are coffee, lemon and rum and raisin – always have been and the order is important!!!
  8. DSC05449

  9. Favorite Outing: At home would be taking the kids to play on the beach. And away a day or five in the London Museums.
  10. DSC05650

  11. Favorite Occupation: I might say reading, I might say ambling, I might say plotting and planning projects for my kids, I might say writing real letters… but I am going to say: Blogging!!! I love blogging – if I had a bumper sticker, then that would be mine!!!


  12. Favorite Smell and eye candy: Crayola Crayons of course… I would settle for a box of Crayola crayons or Crayola anything, anytime someone visited us from overseas. Believe it or not they are hard to find here and when you find them they are ridiculously priced!!!

That’s me – You will have to wait at least a year for se7en more of my favorite things: favorite movie, favorite beverage, favorite city …
I could go on!!! But no life is just too short!!!

Why don’t tell us some of your favorite things – because we love meeting the people behind the comments on our blog!!! Have a fabulous day!!!

40 Replies to “Se7en’s Birthday and these are a few of my Favorite Things…”

  1. Happy Birthday!!! I’m with you on the blogging thing. 🙂 Hope your little one arrives soon, quickly, with the least amount of pain possible! But not on your birthday! 🙂

    Love T

  2. Some favourites: mountains, seashore sound, new notebooks (especially the little black hardcover ones), spiders, olives, Johnny Clegg, early mornings before sunrise (peace), reading to children (peace), Beethoven LOUD when no one’s around, children who cheer you up with “I love you to infinity (what’s infinity?) – infinity’s numbers that go on for ever but they just stop to eat and sleep…!” And another recently discovered favourite that cheers me up and helps no end: your blog! I don’t get to the internet every day, but this is always one of the first destinations when I do. A very happy day-after-your-birthday.

    PS I noticed that you and your husband have got into the habit of watching When Harry met Sally some time before each baby is born, and I see eTV is duly obliging on Thursday at 8pm.

  3. Hi. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Glad it did not coincide with no8 🙂
    a few of my favourite things…. Hmmmm can I get to 7?
    1. Favourite activity: it’s a toss-up between sewing and sleeping
    2. Favourite play: Hamlet
    3. Favourite piece of music: Pachelbel’s Canon
    4. Favvourite food: anything I don’t have to cook myself. Hahahah Living by yourself can get quite boring when it comes to cooking.
    5. Favourite outdoors activity: Has to be lazing in the sun, although the sun does not really like me that much, but I like the sun.
    6. Favourite Flowers: Amaryllis
    7. Favourite beverage: GOOD Coffee

  4. Hi S – We have a lot of favorites in common and I haven’t thought of Johnny Clegg in a million years!!! I know we have done EVERYTHING on the list and the time has surely come for “When Harry met Sally!!!” Thanks for note!!!

  5. I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday – it seems you work very hard at making others’ birthdays special, so I hope you were spoilt rotten! As for favourite things – hmmm, had to think – I have so many. No doubt, more will pop into my head throughout the day, but for now…..
    1. Josh Groban, and no, I have never had the privilege of seeing him live
    2. Watching birds at my birdfeeder
    3. anything to do with lavender…hmmm, that smell….
    4. favourite colour…, of course! Just as well, wouldn’t you say?
    5. Favourite activity….oh boy, there are soooo many, but maybe I could narrow it down to anything involving crafts…I just loooove being able to create something special out of nothing
    6. wrapping my hands around a steaming mug of good coffee, and inhaling that aroma….aaah!
    7. Last but certainly not least….snuggling up on the couch with my dear hubby (littlies in bed) and a BIG bowl of very salty popcorn to watch a good, meaty movie (not too many of those around, unfortunately, so if you have any suggestions….)
    Thats it….. but I am always open to trying new things to add to that list!
    Have a great day – get lots of rest!!!

  6. happy birthday!

    i love going for walks, adventuring with my hubby, good coffee, long baths, painting, being with my girls and junk shops. not in that order of course.

    thinking of you

  7. happy birthday! It was great to see pics of you!
    Fave things:
    blueberry pie, receiving handwritten mail,writing,praying,walking barefoot and eating cherries

  8. happy happy happy BIRTHDAY!!!!! I love your LIST and I really enjoyed seeing YOU. I hope you had the most joyful and restful birthday.

    Cheers to year of blogging excitement, wondrous kid fun and YOU!!!

  9. Hay K-M, It is so good to hear from you!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes… Indeed the most restful in years!!! Lots of love!

  10. Dear Se7en We have read your birthday comments, looks like you had an exciting day :O). We would like to wish you happy – happy birthday!! It was great to see you and the kids in the blog :O) We hope to see you soon, after Hood #8 has arrived. :O)
    Lots of love “Sugar” Klari and Peti

  11. Happy Birthday! You sure do have a lot of celebrating at this time of the year!
    Hope you had a wonderful day.
    I keep waiting for the “Here is no. 8” post title…hopefully soon!

  12. Hi Guys… How lovely to hear from you!!! I have a little chef who is dying to see you both and asks after you daily!!! See you soon!

  13. Hi D, Yup – June and September are real birthday months around here!!! Frankly I wish I had posted a #8 post already…. patience mother person, patience!!! Nice to hear from you again!

  14. I’m just going to cheat and copy yours:

    1. Favourite flowers: I’m with you on the iris, they were my wedding boquet!

    2. Favourite book: Too Hard! I just have to cheat choose the Bible – hmmm, it seems I am a bit of a cheater! I’ll check for spots later

    3. Favourite food: chocolate, good quality dark chocolate to be exact!

    4. Favourite icecream: Dutch Chocolate

    5. Favourite outing: Going Bush with Beloved and the kids. Recently, hiking down to the bottom of a waterfall and back was wonderful!

    6. Favourite occupation: Hands down, reading. I get awfully cheerful if I am sick and need to spend the day in bed with a book or books reading to the children.

    7. Favourite smell and eye candy: My Beloved Hubby. He smells GREAT even after 9 years of marriage 🙂 And he looks pretty good too!

  15. Hi J, I discover I have so much in common with our readers! We share a wedding bouquet!!! And I am so with you on the good quality chocolate… As for Dutch chocolate I think hood #8 is mad for it! Thanks for sharing!!!

  16. Happy happy birthday and wishing you lots of purple flowers, lovely coffee and some traveling adventures!! My loves: clean sheets, mountain streams, tea and toast with LOTS of butter, sunshine, your humour in your blog!, fat baby arms around my neck, and champagne!!
    We all thinking of you as the days tick away ’til due day!

  17. Wow, I can’t believe Crayola crayons are expensive. During August (school supply shopping time) you can get a box of 24 crayons for 25 cents! We live about an hour from the factory – it’s a neat place to visit if you are ever in the states.

  18. Hi J, So good to hear from you – Clean sheets!!! Where were you when I wrote my list that is a real keeper!!! As for butter…let’s not go there. Hope you guys have a great long weekend!

  19. Hi S, Oh 25c!!! I think everything imported is ridiculously priced and we will pay easily the equivalent of between $5 and $10. for a packet of the cheapest Crayola crayons and lets not even look at the cost of markers or twistables!!! That’s if you can get hold of them!!! Luckily our kids have god-parents in Georgia and they send a package about once a year I get them to pack some Crayola goodies. Oh just imagine a trip to the factory… worth the plane trip!!!

  20. Happy, happy birthday! Being with you & the hoods is definitely a favourite and it’s been far too long since that’s happened. David’s been dying to come for a visit – maybe I can tag along. 🙂

  21. Hi L – I think you just came and did a bit of a blog catch up!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and the birthday wishes!!! We are about to have spring break here and the weather is slowly but surely improving!!! And I am looking forward to sunny afternoons by the pool!!!

  22. I’m late, happy birthday Mother of Se7en (almost Eight)! I pray that you will be overflow with blessings in this new year!
    My favorites: my weekly coffee date with my husband; the laughter of my children, reading a new Above Rubies magazine, a clean house and fresh flowers; starting any new project – currently my vegetable garden and newborn babies!

  23. A belated Happy Birthday! Some favourites:
    1. Smell – babies!!!!! oooooooooo, fresh out of the oven and straight on to my chest, that newborn smell is THE BEST!!
    2. Book: don’t actually have one, but am enjoying the “Spud” series at the moment.
    3. Food: Sushi when out and about and Mexican at home
    4. Outing: Definitely the beach with my three and my love. And a date (with my hubby) with no kids a close second.
    5. Ice cream: i love strawberry sorbet
    6. Occupation: mom and doula
    7. Flower> I don’t really do flowers, so I’m going to say – instead of flowers, buy me books…

  24. Hi N – again!!!, Thanks for commenting – I love that newborn smell as well and it passes so fast!!! Have a lovely weekend!

  25. Is that a shadow under the preggie belly??? I can see why you didn’t find it that funny! Oh, don’t get me started on favourites – too overwhelming to narrow down the list. But favourite book: Pride & Prejudice, and favourite holiday: Game Reserve (where we’ve just been!) Big sky and miles of noisy silence…intense relaxation!

  26. Hi H, Carefully practiced shading if you don’t mind!!! Would you believe we have never ever been and stayed in a Game Park!!! So near and yet so far!!! But really big sky and noisy silence sounds perfectly perfect!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!

  27. Happy Birthday Seven! If I ever visit S. Africa, I’ll be sure to bring you some crayons!

    Jenny in Ca (Home is where…)

  28. Hi J in Ca, You are tooo sweet!!! Thank-you, anytime you want to visit a distant land and travel with Crayola crayons you would be most welcome!!! Have a great day!

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