Week That Was – 2.13

Another Week That Was… Glorious sunny weather…


And spring has sprung…


Even our peach is peaching!


And offers of spring salad keep arriving at my front door!!!


Heaps of running races:


We made some pinwheels:


Otherwise we did some more painting… and my sink is back to its usual state…


We played a mad game of who’s who in the Bible… my guess is one of the players was Rahab!!!


Not to mention a Zoob band:


All thanks to Hood #4…


Even drums!!!


And here is an octopus eating crisps!!!


Hood #1: Had a great birthday with milkshakes all round, the father person lit the candles (!!!) and a telescope from granny hasn’t left his side!!!


Hood #2: Took the painting frenzy to heart!


Hood #3: Is still busy working her way through her crate of Enid Blyton’s… wiggling loose teeth all the way!!!


Hood #4: Decided to teach his partner in crime to read… and frankly I am quite happy to leave them to it!!!


He also built a new temple… with a running commentary. Just be glad you don’t have to take dictation for his school stories – because trust me it can take a while!!!


Hood #5: Spent the week catching ants… and then got me to google recipes with ants!!! Once a chef, always a chef!!!


Hood #6: Discovered the art of self portraits…


And she is back to her old tricks of discovering all sorts of creatures, great and small… this is just the sort of thing I LOVE to cope with in the line of duty!!! And exactly why we have house rules…


Hood #7: Can Jump And say “Ooray” (Hooray) at the same time…


Hood #8: Decided to keep us on tenterhooks… We have done our preparation: watched movies, eaten burgers, walks on the beach and long drives… but I guess this little one has a mind of it’s own!!! What a surprise another leader of the pack!!!

So I decided that there were still a couple of chores that needed doing… I took on the task of the “books to mend” book pile…


And packaged up the prizes for our massive giveaway…


And I know that Hood #6 is dying to pick numbers from all the numbers that entered!!!

Yes I still look like this and yes I am taking it really easy – missed a few blog posts, who would notice!!! And read a heap of stories on the couch…


So here we go the vote has settled: an unbelievable se7enteen say girl, one on the fence and se7en vote it’s a boy… At this stage I am just praying for patience – I tell you patience, patience, patience!!!

That’s us!!! Have a Great weekend!

6 Replies to “Week That Was – 2.13”

  1. I say boy too, just to even it up a tad!

    It looks glorious there. Our flowers and trees are dying, yours are coming to life again. I like the thought that someplace on earth, at all times, there are flowers growing.

  2. Hi G – So nice to hear from!!! Heaven help this poor kid, it has a bit of beginners bias!!! And yes our world is full of spring-shine… except for today: we are back to torrenting rain!!! Needless to say everyone is squeezed indoors and I am gasping for air!!! And two minutes can not pass without someone asking – is the baby coming? No guys not this one!!!

  3. I know you didn’t have a “what date will the baby arrive vote/prediction” but I’m going to say the 29th!! Sorry, 2 more days to hold on!! We’re also having an 8th on that day – my daughters 8th birthday!
    And it’s a good date 29/09/2009!!

  4. Hi D – again!!! Great question – I really wish I had thought to ask it – I just can’t believe this baby isn’t here yet… Clearly it has lost its way out!!! Two days to wait seems a mighty long time but I guess after nine whole months what’s two days!!! You have a great week!

  5. What is your expected date of arrival? Not sure if I missed that post but I don’t think so! My first daughter was two days late and my second daughter was two days early!

  6. No S, #8 has not hatched yet… and I am lying around resting and driving the entire family up the walls with my inability to leap around like my usual self!!! Every body has to be patient!!!

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