Saturday Spot: Se7en at the Cape Town Waterfront…

Here is a picture of Cape Town City life as apposed last weekend’s drive in the country. We haven’t been to Cape Town Waterfront for at least five years, I kid you not!!! Last time we were there it was so crowded we could hardly move and really only for the brave!!! Anyway taking a deep breathe last week in celebration of Hood #1’s birthday we headed there for a walk about… and let him choose the route!!!

And lets just say it all began with a flat tyre, a very fat mother person and well a lot of excited little bodies – all was not going that well, for me at least!!!


Thank-goodness for these little cans of puff magic for reviving tyres!!!

And here we go:


The whole of Cape Town knew we were coming and started to leave the Waterfront en masse – it was pretty deserted and we had the whole place to ourselves…


We did see a couple of cars leaving, but that’s about it…

We started at the Apple Store… no pictures we were all to absorbed in the new ipod range and other yummy apple goodies.

And then ambled to the music store and settled in for a movie if you don’t mind!!! I guess the leather couches were far more appealing than whatever home has to offer!!!


Then we popped into the Build a Bear workshop… where the were multiples ooh’s and aaah’s and gasps of delight… We would definitely need eight of these so we gently moved on!!!


Then Hood #3 had to make a stop off at the Body Shop to smell pretty things!!! Oh a girl after my own heart… I am not mad for cosmetics but I can not resist all that fruity fresh packaging, and could quite simply buy every shower gel in the store… YUM… and moving on!!!


Onwards and inwards: past the flip flop stall… and the flag store…


And a couple of robotic bits and pieces – eye candy for birthday boys!!!


And a photo under the se7en sign at Seven Ounce… kids clothing store… You have never seen a shop assistant dive so fast behind a counter as when I took my camera out!!!


And we came across our destination: the Dodge City Diner…


This is such a funky fun stop with cartoons painted on the ceiling, and a real live juke box. We settled ourselves along the chequered bar…


If you are seriously looking for the best double thick shake in town then this is the place to go – with only about ten bazillion flavors… and they come in the milkshake can and you top up your glass with a spoon – they are that thick – just forget the straw, you have to eat these!!!


And we ordered se7en burgers…


While we munched through our burgers we contemplated the ice-cream choices:


And the ice-cream situation was pretty much covered!!!


Se7en times over:


Some of us took our ice-cream very seriously!!!


So with sustenance on board we were armed and ready to tackle the huge version of Cape Union Mart, three levels of camping excitement – clothes we could trail past…


and important things like backpacks and gadgets…


Shoes – notice the girls look at the shoes, but boys look right through the shoes to see what’s going on the harbor beyond!!!


And finally hats – who can resist the hats:


Now Hood #1 is a natural hat wearer, no image to uphold… everyone else has well something to show for their troubles.


That was us… we were done, no one wanted to linger in another store. We have to go back! I had to take photographs of the Naartjie windows on the way back to the car – really who doesn’t LOVE Naartjie clothing!!!



But the quilts, oh is that not inspired window dressing. We will take eight thank-you very much: four boyish ones, three girlish and one, well, one mystery!!!

That’s it – home again, home again, jiggity jig… Past the aquarium.


Note to mother person start saving for an aquarium trip for ten – really we haven’t been there for years and it would be a great outing for the end of school year that I am starting to dream about here – it is only ten weeks away and you know how quickly ten weeks can pass.

That’s us!!! We loved it, had a great time at the Waterfront maybe everyone else can go back now – now that all the Hoods have left and are back in their small corner of Cape Town. Not to mention our tyre is repaired, the little hoods have recovered from all the excitement and the mother person is just as expansive as she was last week!!!

15 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Se7en at the Cape Town Waterfront…”

  1. You might not be too bankrupt after a trip to the aquarium – as far as I know under 4’s go free…and I think you have at least 2 or 3 of those!! And also the ticket lasts the whole day so you don’t have to rush.

  2. Just loved the picture of the 7 designer looking kids under the the ‘seven’ brand name. Really, they should pay you guys for advertising!! Still thinking of you and sending love as the wait continues…

  3. Hi D, I went and had a look at the prices before I did my typical comment on “Cape Town sites are too expensive for locals, and they are catering for foreign currencies” … I am all for supporting local tourism and especially conservation projects but I do think there should be a local rate vs tourist rate or a free day a week for locals or something to make Cape Town sites available to locals. My issue is that for most people living in Cape Town these prices are completely out of their reach and for me it just doesn’t sit well that there are so many kids within an hours drive of Cape Town City Center who won’t ever get to see what their city has to offer. Here is the link to the 2 Oceans price list:… and yes it will be a fairly pricy operation to pay for five kids and two adults, however we look at it!!!

  4. Hi J, Thanks for stopping by!!! Glad you liked the Photos!!! The poor shop assistant literally plastered herself to the floor behind the counter when I asked if we could take a picture!!! I really liked the hat photo and just wished that two of them hadn’t been straying elsewhere at the time!!! Meanwhile, waiting, waiting, waiting… Hope all you guys have a fabulous week!

  5. I loved the pictures of your children and the Waterfront. Looks like an enjoyable outing was had by all. I hate to admit this but I haven’t been to Cape Town since Dec 1984 … I would love to return for a holiday when the budget allows! Have you ever been to Durban?

  6. Hi S, The Waterfront was a fabulous outing!!! I have been to Durban, many many years ago.. about 1991-ish… I went on a surfing holiday (actual surfing in the sea!)… all the way up the coast from Cape Town and back again – oh the life of a busy student!!!

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