This Week (26 October) At Se7en…

So another week with a whole lot of new days to celebrate. These are the calendars for October:

We are still totally celebrating Hood #8…


A wild storm hit Cape Town last night, and a friend sent me some photos she took from the harbor wall in Kalk Bay today. This is why we live at the sea, every day is totally different. Thanks Nici for the brilliant pictures, I have scattered them throughout this post.


Here are a couple of links for this week:


That’s us… Thanks again to Nici for the fabulous photographs. Also, if you are celebrating something fun, that would be of interest to home-schoolers around the world, then feel free to leave a comment!!!

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  1. Oh, that storm just seemed to come out of nowhwere! The kids slept through it all but hubby and I woke up and had to get a look at the size of that hail!

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