The Week That Was – 2.18

Another Week that Was…


We had a glorious storm… thunder, lightening, hail, torrenting rain… everyone stayed snuggled in bed reading… yes we are back on track with school – but even I can understand that it is simply irresistible to have a lie-in on a stormy morning… (Thanks Nici for the great Kalk Bay photographs!).


The storm is over and there is definitely a air of summer night fun…


and salads for supper…


And after not visiting the Cape Town Waterfront for years we had to go there for another visit one evening this week… Here’s a hint why: It’s all about books and signings and watch out for our Monday Munchie next week!!! Meanwhile there were signs up everywhere that Trinny and Susannah were at the Waterfront the same night we were and I must say I was rather praying that they did not bump into us as I was strolling around in the father person’s shorts and a grumpy old t-shirt – what can I say 8 kids and a newborn can wreck some severe havoc on the body let alone the wardrobe, not to mention pride becomes less of an issue!!! Whenever I have watched “What Not to Wear” and these folk bring their wardrobes into the studio – bags and bags… and I realized I was standing in mine… indeed a sad day in Africa!!! Needless to say my prayers were answered and those stylish gals were clearly not walking the halls of the mall late thursday evening!!!

So we did a bit of window shopping…


and burger munching…


And a stop in at a huge toy store we had never been to before. Imagine a huge toy store, totally empty of shoppers late at night in the middle of week – we really had the shop to ourselves!!! Everybody had a hearts desire… Star Wars Lego, baby dolls, skateboards and some were very quick to gather there heart’s desires in arms… they left them at the check-out and were happy to settle for a photograph!!! Thank-goodness for easy going kids!


As for books of the week I am still spending my nights reading a storm, I really need to get back to the library!!! The Hoods are slowly emerging from the crate of Enid Blyton books borrowed from Granny and they are having an E.Nesbit revival, just look at this lovely collection!!!


And talking of books – I got an awesome pile of books for our Sunday Snippet’s GiveAways over the next few weeks… trust me I want to keep them all, really you are going to just love these!!! And your postcards are almost off – I will post on them the day they are actually in the mail.

Here are the Hoods up to there weekly happenings:

Hood 1: Is our scribe, writing our weekly newspaper… the CopyCat.


Hood 2: Reads anywhere, any table, any chair…


Hood 3: Helped us devour a meringue surplus, left over from our Baked Alaska.


Hood 4: Took on the rock – and lost!!!


And spent hours organizing the parking garage – traffic can be a problem you know!


Hood 5: Took on the Herculean task of sweeping around the entire house… all the bark, leaves, stones and general post-storm debri… a job well done!


Hood 6: Totally went for the alien project!!!


Hood 7: Took on the world – and I think the world is still reeling!!! She just discovered that I am busy on the couch with a newborn and she has the freedom of the house!!! Here she is in everybody else’s clothes!!!


She also scored her favorite toy, in a last minute clean out before Hood #8 was born I discovered of all our kids this one actually owns nothing – well apart form her treasured frog! A slight oversight, clearly everything she has ever received lands straight in the “to share” stock and clearly she hasn’t felt a need for treasure until now… So the father person treated her and she is totally thrilled to be a proud owner!!!


Hood 8: Is still pretty oblivious:


He has some sort of creative conducting thing going with his hands and likes to sleep in a ball… while blogging, on the couch, on a heffalump…


He will stir himself for a trip to the mirror!!!


He sneezes!!! He yawns!!!


And quite enjoys a seat on the couch, watching the siblings go by… let’s just hope he grows into those neck rolls!!!


That’s us. Hope you had a great week and next week is even better!!!

3 Replies to “The Week That Was – 2.18”

  1. Love #8’s pictures. I loved #7’s run of the house too….. I remember Kendra having “fun” while I was nursing Vannan. Now it’s replay time, as my niece Marriana has realized how much “freedom” she has when I’m nursing LaRue. And Kendra now gets sent to find and collect her and clean up the messes. LOL Guess that’s fair – considering some of the things she did.

  2. Hi R… Yup my first se7en have all discovered the freedom of a newborn, it just took this one a little longer to discover how much freedom she had!!! What goes around comes around I guess – as the rest of the guys scramble to keep up with her!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

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