Se7en Million Aliens Are Coming…

Still in the world of needing really quick, mess free crafts:

The Aliens Are Coming!!!



Let’s Meet The Players: Obviously you can use any embellishments you like, I used what we had left over in our craft drawer. Really there is scope for a whole lot more with this project…


  • A couple of juice bottle tops.
  • Clear craft glue.
  • Pipe cleaners – we chopped ours up small before we started.
  • Mini-pompoms.
  • Googly eyes.

Let’s Play the Game:

Step 1: Gather your goodies:


Step 2: Pop some glue onto one end of your pipe-cleaner, pop on a pom-pom, then some more glue and a googley eye – or two or three!!! Leave them to dry…



Step 3: Stick your pipe-cleaners into the top of the juice bottle tops. For the lids that pop open and close: Open them up and poke the pipe cleaners in the little hole… some of my kids found this a bit awkward, but once we popped the little lid shut the pipe cleaners held in place.



Step 4: That’s it, you are done!!! Really that’s it… quick and easy.



The Hoods were quite happy to make these for ages and were just as thrilled to play with their army of aliens!!!

23 Replies to “Se7en Million Aliens Are Coming…”

  1. OMG these are so flippin’ adorable!! I found you on the Crafty Crow, we were both featured 🙂 I have the plastic lid ladybugs. These aliens rock!

  2. Hi A, Well your lady bug lids are pretty adorable yourself!!! It’s ALWAYS Fun to be on the Crafty Crow!!! Have a great week!!!

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