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For our Saturday Spot I was going to stick with my South African theme this week, but time got away… So I was going to blog on the local Garden of Remembrance, which is always eventful on Remembrance Day – but it is pouring with rain and I am not venturing forth for photographs…in the deluging rain. So I am blogging a gadget instead:


The father person is a technical guy, an early adopter of any new gadgets… and he has had his eye on THE KINDLE, that has just gone international, for quite a while. I am more of the “why follow the crowd”, “do we need it” kind of person – not to mention they aren’t giving them away for free.


After weeks of should we/shouldn’t we, can we/can’t we… and me firmly saying:”I don’t think so…”Until I had the epiphany that he could buy it through se7en’s amazon store and we would earn some points in the grand scheme of affiliation! With that noble cause in mind I mentioned that “He could go right ahead whenever he wished…”


After a week of watching every tracking comment 24-7 it finally didn’t arrive… just a little email to say “parcel refused” – huh? Needless to say late Friday afternoon is not a good time to send a courier service to search the little streets of a neighborhood that are not even in the map book. So I had se7en lingering look-outs playing round the gate for hours – just in case it arrived. It would be tricky – that late on a Friday, to actually ring the contact number… rather just say “parcel refused.” I don’t think so! So after a myriad of calls – it cost nearly the same to ship the jolly gadget as it did to buy it and I was not letting it return to Amazon. Not to mention the grumpy weekend we would have if someone didn’t receive the promised parcel. After “continuous and gentle” enquiry our parcel arrived… or should I say: “The Kindle Came on little Courier Feet”


The father person was gracious enough to let me un-box it, and then he was shocked to discover some school books lurking there… School books to supplement history and I can highly recommend them… Back to the point, hidden under some school books lurked a useful looking box:


And it claimed to have a Kindle within:


And amidst the packaging – it did!!! Now this may not surprise you but it did us, when you live at the foot of Africa all things that a package claims to be aren’t always exactly what you are after… but this one was.


So here it is:


And I still couldn’t get too excited about it. No not at all excited! Just another thing to lie around, another potential breakable with every kidlet desperate to see how it works. Also it doesn’t play games – I like games, I love games – I couldn’t exist without Tetris even though I have deleted Tetris from every gadget of mine – it is nice to know it is still out there.


So what is the big deal you might ask… Well you have this little book-sized piece of metal… and it has the potential to be packed with loads and loads of books and even journals (that get updated as they publish)!!! LOADS I say… it is like carrying a library in your hand. And the minimalist in me says: YAY, I don’t have to find space on the book case. It is perfect for novels that you don’t actually want taking up book case space. Just hit the order button and the entire book downloads within a minute.You can leave bookmarks wherever you need to, make little notes, jump from book to book. It is great for traveling, you don’t have to carry the library with you to go out the door or to sit in the car, while waiting for musicians, or even sitting on the couch for hours of your life nursing a little creature… this little creature (just had to slot a pic in!!!).


So I loaded up Jane Eyre, because all good literature begins with Jane Eyre, in fact all the very best literature begins and ends with Jane Eyre… and then I was stumped with the whole of Amazon at my fingertips.


So as I was saying, I have the whole of Amazon at my fingertips… and I couldn’t think of what to buy. I browsed and browsed, I surfed and surfed and nearly drove the father person insane with my indecision.

There was only one journal that appealed – they are very manly business, news and finance type journals, except this one looked quite fun:


Finally after heaps of deliberation I chose the Grave Digger’s Daughter – it is grueling but I am enjoying it, the words are are so well chosen that I have to reread little bits just to enjoy them…


So now I can’t put it down, I am flicking between books and reading here and there… and this is where you all come in to the story: What are you all reading right now? What books are the latest and greatest? If you were treated with a Kindle what would you download? Tell me, tell me – please!!! I have no idea where to start but I know I have to keep it loaded with heaps to read or the father person might think I am not using it and claim it for himself.

Comment away!!!

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  1. coooooooooooool….. I am so glad about this story. yesterday, while in the hairdresser, I read a magazine (I go to the hairdresser weekly for Me-time…. just half and hour – love the head massages and my hair is then good for the next week.) then I read about this kindle and I wondered where can I get more info on it. my hubby is looking for something like this for years now….. what is a good christmas present – like your family – we also buy things we really want. thanks for the story…. love your blog. love your celebrity chef – mine is the same age….. and cook a storm. he is just like his dad….

  2. Hi D, We aim to please!!! I hope we provided you with the information you need… if you want to know more then please feel free to ask away!!! Have a good week… oh and enjoy that hairdresser time!!!

  3. Mmmm…you have me thinking! I LOATHE the idea of reading a book on a screen. I want the real cover-and-paper deal. BUT, the thought of being able to order from Amazon w/o the horrendous expense of postage….now THAT’S tempting!!!

  4. Hay S, I couldn’t agree more – nothing beats the fresh smell of a new printed book… and there are lots of books I want to have and to hold… But there are lots of books I just want to read, well to read and pass on. And as for paying for shipping – gulp! So for the books I don’t need to own I will definitely “kindle them,” enjoy them and move on… And if one or two turn out to be keepers then those I can always source.

    Also it doesn’t read like a tiny little cell phone screen, it looks like a regular ink page… just doesn’t have the crunchy feel of paper!!! Hope you guys have a good week!

  5. The bibliophile in me bulks at the idea of reading a book without OWNING it and putting it on MY shelves where I can pass it and look at it and remember it or pass it on – the practical side of me loves the idea seeing as every “spare” bit of wall space in our house has a bookshelf on it and all of them are full, some two books deep.

    I’d have to get The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, ’cause, well, they’re just ART aren’t they? And it would be cool to be able to quickly cross reference them etc.

    Then I’d get all those parenting and self-helpish books people have been telling me for years that I should read but I never quite get around to reading like the Five Languages of Love, Parenting in the Pews. I always mean to buy them, but then I get distracted and spend the money on books for the kids.

    Then there are some Classics that I haven’t read for so long that I barely remember them but I know I like them. I always mean to re-read them but my nightstand is overflowing. Stuff like Dickens and Steinbeck

    And those “I really should read that one day” books like Catch 22, the last Harry Potter (yes, I know, I am so behind the times), The Odyssey.

    I’d love a copy of the Bible with some good reference like Strong’s Concordance or something

    Sorry, nearly a whole post in itself there! Maybe I need to start thinking about getting one of these things…

  6. Hay J… Truth is every spare wall space is full of books and then some!!! We have to be a bit more discerning… You see classics I feel one should own, but some novels are just passing through!!! Lots of the books you mentioned are in the public domain and free for Kindles… And as for Harry Potter – I had every intention of reading them with Hood #1, until he read the entire series in a week – book a day… ummmm no some of us have to produce meals and do laundry!!! The father person put the ESV Study Bible on our Kindle – very cool. Anyway you have a good week!!!

  7. Hi

    I really want to buy one. but I see on a SA website the same product. So, I am weighing the two options. If I may ask, what was the postage and the import costs?

  8. I’ve had my eye on a Kindle for years… and want one even more now that my eyes are not focusing on small print anymore … so I read stuff on my computer these days. Boy do I wish answer keys for school work could be enlarged. LOL

    Kindles just sound so cool. Remind me of the Star Trek books.

  9. Hi R… You can choose the size font of your Kindle! There is definitely a cool factor here and it did take a couple of days to get used to living in the future!!! Have a good week!

  10. Glad your Kindle arrived, if it did take a somewhat circuitous route. My reading tends to be all over, in genre, something that the free books that Amazon keeps having tends to excacerbate. I don’t read them all, but my blog posts bargain and free books (mostly for the Kindle) and I do a monthly roundup of the ones I end up buying (although it’s a family account, so the genres are all over the spectrum.

    Blog about free and bargain books

  11. hi… me again with another question: can you only read books buying from amazon or can you read any PDF books?

  12. Pride and Predjudice- I would start with that:)

    I laughed over your comment about Tetris. I don’t like games in general, but I had to tell my husband to hide our one ancient gameboy. It had Tetris on it and I was in danger of going insane playing it.

  13. HI S, It is fun to hear other folks favorites!!! Tetris is a terribly addictive thing – it may have taken years off my life… I have to say, very cute snacking in your house, our loaf of bread looks exactly like yours everyday as some desperate forager seeks lunch before the big guys finish with school.

  14. Hi D, I think the answer to this is in the FAQ I sent you… you can download kindle books from around the web, not just from Amazon.

  15. Susan, i’m with you on Pride & Prejudice – no Kindle should be without one. Se7en, now i want a Kindle too….how it must reduce luggage weight when travelling…

  16. Hi H, I can’t say anything about traveling but the father person has whittled his pile of books, next to the couch, away, away, away!!! It is so weird to settle down for a read with just one thing and then you can pick and choose from a heap of books!!! Try and enjoy the endless rain!!!

  17. I am insanely jealous! I’ve wanted a Kindle since I first read about them in Time 🙂 I LOVE the idea of ALL my books on one gadget. I have at least 20 books circulating just my bedroom at the moment, of which half are currently being read in some form or another. If I had a Kindle, I’d like a few good solid kids’ stories for those waiting room times as well as some good classics. I’ve set myself a goal of reading only a list of classics for 2010, so I’d have to stick with those! Enjoy the Kindle!

  18. Hi T! Nice to hear from you!!! And just to totally kill you, you should see the “lack” of books on and around the couch, just a Kindle!!! We are loving it!!!

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