Se7en Build A Township and a GiveAway… A Winner

Last week for our 600th post we had a GiveAway: Se7en Build a Township and a GiveAway.


We promised a winner by today.


As usual I had my friendly Hood #6 who is three years old and has VERY limited numerical discernment and so absolutely no preference for any of you.


So I wrote out the numbers (#15 wasn’t a real comment).


She snipped them out and spread them out.


Then she made a little township for you and hid the mixed up numbers underneath them.


Then she admired our township.


Finally we picked a house:


And the number underneath the house was:


That’s it Comment #5, and Comment #5 was:


Paige: I have never commented before, but I love all your ideas for kids projects, and I love the South African touch you add to everything. And I would love a photo book!

Here is your house, Paige, and your book will be on the way as soon as possible.


And to all of you who entered thank you so very much for entering!!! Better luck next time we are sure to have lots of GiveAways coming your way!!!

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