The Week That Was – 2.20

Just have a look at our week. It hasn’t rained so much in our living memory – or at least this year… Can you believe rain: day after day after day…


The view from our front door looked like this all week. Quite literally a week of wet washing. Now November is always our coldest month, we just forget. It is the only month I have only ever used a heater, about ten years ago. Anyway after two days of cabin fever I was sending the Hoods out in the rain to burn their energy off.


We didn’t craft. We didn’t bake. We did our school and we hunkered down on the couch, from where we watched the rain…


Lego and Zoobs got us through:


And when there was a pause in the rain there was a generalized crawling around on the rock.


Otherwise the father person sent me out to please get anything to wear that isn’t his shorts and THAT green shirt… I came home with se7en + 1 t-shirts – I don’t think that was what he had in mind!!!:


Here are a few things I loved from the blog world this week:

Our book of the week, I have only read se7en bazillion times and it is:


Meanwhile: This is what the Hoods got up to this week:

Hood #1: Was responsible for my little guest this week. The only person I know who can catch a gecko without dropping its tail (yeuch!).


Hood #2: Had some friends round and they bought donuts!!!


Hood #3: Started a whole Zoob accessory event of note..



Hood #4: Went pirating… He appears to have given up school and I appear not to have noticed!!!


Hood #5: Well I don’t know. Some sort of magical mystery man…


I just don’t know, I don’t think I can live with Zoob toes.


Hood #6: Spent the week playing hide and seek.


Hood #7: Read some books, and she is full of information like lions say “mee-ouw:”


She got to know #8 a whole lot better… and they spent time sharing secrets…


Who knows what was said, but he has a very expressive, concerned forehead!!


Hood #8: Discovered a good place to rest his cheeks…


But only for so long:


And you can see why he isn’t wild about hats!!!


And blogging is totally exhausting…


Gazing out of the kitchen window is very exhausting…


And he is slightly less oblivious:


That’s us have a great week!!!

4 Replies to “The Week That Was – 2.20”

  1. You’re quite the trooper to be blogging every day after giving birth. I’ve had a wild day with my two-year-old, and am barely surfing. This is the only site I’m looking at tonight before falling asleep. Blessings on your se7en + 1. –Sleepy

  2. Hi Sleepy… I am so privileged to be THE ONE!!! Let’s just say my blogging has slowed dramatically and my moleskin is getting packed with ideas for the weeks ahead!!! You have a lovely restful weekend!!!

  3. lol, i’m not even a white belt, sigh……….

    but my mum is definitely a black belt +, and actually if you’ve ever seen the english comedy: ‘keeping up appearances’, my sister and I have nicked named mum: Mrs. Bucket! …… and we found out later mum calls me Daisy — a great family joke 🙂

    i send my children out into the rain to play and my midwest american neighbors think i’m nuts, but hey i played in the rain as a child and the neighbors thought mum was nuts too, mum’s from Ireland – a little rain won’t hurt you

  4. Hi G, The sad thing is after reading that I realize I only aspire to being a white belt – so I will never achieve higher!!! That’s it for me… lowly white and I so love colors!!! Otherwise: rain, sleet or snow – out they go. For sanity reasons – my sanity too, I tend to go with them, why should they have all the fun splashing puddles!!! You have a good week!!!

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