The Day Alexander Came To Visit Se7en…

I need a thirty minute post for Steady Mom and her thirty minute challenge. I have one plotted and planned and waiting in my moleskin but I think I will save it for next week – considering that Alexander came to visit today…


  • a number of days of steady rain and boisterous kids (notice there is no word for girlstrous)…
  • standing with eight kids in the traffic department for two hours – late in the day, so that it wouldn’t be a three hour wait – to renew my drivers license…
  • followed by a long wait in the post office…
  • relief that it was all over…
  • a wild connection between the gate and the car when we got home…
  • followed by needing to spend a couple of hours at the panel beater today…
  • except that the trains weren’t working today (welcome to Africa) and the person who was going to stay with my kids couldn’t get to my house…
  • finally got the car temporarily repaired, we can drive it… but we have to take it back for real and expensive repair, they are “waiting for parts”…

There is only one way to resolve this day: Belgian Chocolate.


Oh and some sleep – So Good Night!!!

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  1. So, so sorry, and hope tomorrow is SO much better. I’m heading down for some Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate Ice Cream in a minute!


  2. Sometimes a little indulgence and some rest are the best remedy. I love those nights when I crash on the couch with a big ice cream sundae. You deserve it!

  3. Ha!!! Ha!!! Well, at least you have a sense of humor! (I think Alexander may have a twin that magically showed up at our house, too!)

    Found your blog through Steady Mom’s!

  4. Hi J, Green and Blacks make ice-cream – oh you have inspired me to do some local shopping research!!! Have a good day!!!

  5. Hi K – Isn’t that funny!!! Maybe every home has a secret Alexander waiting for an invitation or not even waiting for an invitation… He had better not come over today – enough is enough already!!! Isn’t Steady Mom great!!! Hope you have a better day today!!!

  6. okay, you could have stopped the list after the “long wait at the traffic department” because going to the traffic department with zero children is bad enough. you have all my sympathy – I have a very overdue drivers license and have not been because I can’t bear to take TWO children with me!!! Can’t say I’m feeling more inspired after your post!! Hope today was a better one:-)

  7. Hay D… Much better day, you know “dutch chocolate” is good, but sleep is so much better!!! Goodness up before the kids, pancakes for breakfast and swimming this afternoon – there is a lesson here… sleep perspective!!! As for the traffic department, trust me it is so VERY much easier than Home Affairs… the traffic department has a caravan for photographs and an eye test and fingerprints and it really is quite interesting (in a most boring sort of way!!!). But Home Affairs… now there nothing happens and when you get to the counter it is too high for them to see over and inevitably my eye are off them and all sorts of insanity ensues!!! Oh queues!!! Anyway, today is a much better sort of a kind of a day! You have a good one too!!!

  8. Now where were those kind-hearted people in front of you in the queue who could have let you go ahead of them??!! I could not have sat in front of you without ushering you ahead!

  9. Hi S, I never even thought of that… Good grief if you had been there you may have started a trend!!! The only time I was ever “let through” because of a large number of very small kids was after an overnight flight at Heathrow airport… and one person dared to complain to a very authoritative looking authority… “they had been waiting as long as we had” and security came and “had a word with them”… ooppsss!!! But yes I will certainly keep that in mind for when I no longer have babes in arms… Let mom’s with little ones through: Just to be nice!!! Can you imagine what a difference it would make to someones day!!! You have a good one!

  10. Hi J, Yup I am finding the 30 minute challenge quite a challenge… I love to blog and blog and blog… so this is really good for me… limit those hours spent winding away!!! You have a good day already!!!

  11. ohhhhhh GEEEEE… now THAT is a day. My heart really goes out to you and your two hour wait with 8… my oh my… I’d say you’ve reached super hero status now. 🙂

  12. Hi S, A pint or five!!! I feel so much better today after some sleep and a huge garden frenzy – nothing like yard work to reorganize your mindset!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

  13. You must be wonder woman! I do everything I can to avoid waiting in line alone, nevermind with kids! We are lucky, we can renew licensees by post here in Washington State( in the US). Other wise, oy, I would never make it!

    Sleep and ice cream though, that I can get behind!

  14. Oh K-M, Everyone is feeling much better, sleep and yard work can do this!!! As for queues well the drivers license renewal is easy… Every South African child has to be registered for a birth certificate within their first month of life. IF your child isn’t born in a private hospital (that does this for you)… you have to do this with both parents and your baby. So you have to make a trip to “Home Affairs”… this is a right of passage if ever there was one!!! There is one queue for every possible form, birth certificate, death certificate, passport, any travel documents… needless to say it is at least three hours of up the wall boredom… that is just to apply for the forms. In a couple of weeks we have to go back and do it all over again to collect the documents. My nightmares aren’t even made of this!!! I do a lot of story telling and teaching my children the art of people watching!!! Loved your crayons again!!! Have a great day!!!

  15. Hi C, The internet is not big here – Oh I wish we could renew on line, but no it is queues!!! Endless, endless queues… ice cream is a necessity for survival!!! You have a great day!

  16. Oh stop right now, I can hardly bear it – the drivers licence was bad enough and then I read your comment about birth certificates..

  17. Oh H, You had better believe it and Hood #8 has passed his first right of passage and not collected any rare disease in one of the dirtiest places on earth!!! Because both parents have to be there you have to do it on a Saturday morning – except they don’t process forms on a Saturday, so you just stand in the queue… then one parent has to go back on the Monday and queue again to ensure that the forms actually begin the very long process through the system. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if they had like a single working computer… I tell you my kids have mastered the art of queue standing – I can not say the same for the father person!!! Have a good week!!!

  18. ooooo, much sympathy! What a rotten, lousy, no good day. Ice cream is my favorite solutions for days like the one you’ve had. May tomorrow be 100% better! Blessings! –Sleepy

  19. Hay S, we had a much better day… no outings just gardening the whole day – until the hoods begged to go in!!! What could be better!!! Take care!

  20. I must agree, chocolate ice cream was your only option!

    sorry about your challenging day, cyber hugs 🙂

  21. Thanks J, How would we ever recognize the wonderful days if we didn’t have awful days to balance them out!!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!

  22. Oh my. Alexander certainly did visit you, didn’t he? My vice of choice is Diet Coke and my kids even know that. Today I have a headache and told my older girls that we would need to postpone our shopping trip. My oldest told me to, “just get a Diet Coke and you’ll feel better.” Sometimes you just need a little something to help get through the day 🙂

  23. Hi D, Isn’t it funny how well our kids know us!!! I tell you there are days when we all need all the help we can get!!! I hope you have a great week!!!

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