This Week (16 November) At Se7en…

So another week in November. These are the calendars for November:

Here is our weekly picture celebrating Hood #8…


And don’t faint but your postcards are posted and finally on their way to you… and we are ready to mark up our map.


It may have been a bit ambitious to set that up at the same time as having a new baby… but never fear the task is done and now we are relying on postal services around the world. When your postcard finally arrives, one for each family that entered, could you please send one back to us… if you cannot read our address (written in the very early hours of the morning) then feel free to email and ask for it!

I thought I would pop some Photographs in from the Remembrance Service, in the Remembrance Garden near our house, held this past weekend for Remembrance Day.




Finally, here are a couple of links for this week:

That’s us – Have a great week…

And if you are celebrating something fun, that would be of interest to home-schoolers around the world, then feel free to leave a comment!!!

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