Saturday Spot: Se7en Places We Would Like To visit In South Africa…

Wow! A Mad crazy weekend with lots of friends and fun things on the go and here it is Sunday night and not a blog post in sight… So let’s catch up:

I thought for our Saturday Spot we could look at our “Land of Beauty and Splendor” and choose Se7en Places we would love to visit in South Africa. I am sure there are many of you who would love to join in. So if there is a place in South Africa that you would love to visit go ahead and add it in the comments.

Now no photographs I am afraid, since this is our wish list of places we would like to see. We haven’t actually been there yet! Well one or two of the places I have been to long before we ever had kids and certainly before the era of digital cameras.

So here we go, Se7en Destinations we would love to visit:


  1. Cape Point Accommodation: Now this is not just Cape Point, this is staying in a beautiful house on the beach at Cape Point… one maybe two nights would be enough, to satisfy my soul. Go ahead look at the brochure and swoon!!!


  2. The Strandloper Restaurant: This is South African Life at its best!!! and I have been wanting to go here about forever!!! A restaurant with a difference, it is right on the beach and you spend an entire aftertoon wandering through their menu eating mountains of seafood that has been cooked in true South African style on a braai, which is an open fire for those of you that are not local. Click through and look at the menu, you know you must!!!
  3. DSC08443

  4. Knysna and the Outenique Choo Choo train: Now the father person and I went to Knysna on honeymoon, this is where we stayed, it was wonderful. One day we caught this train from Knysna through to George – and I think the father person got an inkling of some of my madness. In the days before digital cameras I had used up an entire spool of 36 pictures before we even left the station… And I didn’t let up… click, click, click the entire way – it was brilliant and I know my kids would love it.
  5. DSC08442

  6. The Cango Caves: I went here as a child and remember being totally in awe of these huge and spectacular caves, not to mention that there is so much to see in Oudsthoorn, who wouldn’t want to visit there.
  7. DSC08450

  8. The Cederberg Mountain Range: is a mountain range up the west coast from Cape Town. It is a range of beautiful wild mountains with brilliant hikes and amazing rock formations. Stunning rivers and one of those places you can go and completely forget the world. We went on holidays to the Cederberg when I was a kid and enjoyed heaps of hiking and rock climbing and I would love our kids to go and explore here.
  9. DSC08447

  10. Addo Elephant Park: Contrary to popular belief we do not have wild animals roaming the streets of our country, in fact the only way you are going to see wild animals here is to visit a Game Park. I would love to visit these elephants and see them in real life.
  11. DSC08445

  12. The Kruger National Park: As I said if you want to see wild animals in Africa then you have to go to a Game Park and why not aim high and say we would like to go and visit this one. The idea of a night drive and watching all those nocturnal beasts come to life is thrilling. Not to mention watching warthogs running around with their tails in the air like ariels!!!

So that’s our wish list – go ahead and tell us where you would like to visit.

10 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Se7en Places We Would Like To visit In South Africa…”

  1. Die Strandloper has also been one of the places I’d love to go to. We’ve actually been a couple of times but never stayed to eat because whoever we were with always decided to go elsewhere because they’re not really that big on seafood. Well, so far our brood is definately into seafood! We’ll just settle to take ourselves this summer.

  2. Hay O… There exist folk not big on seafood!!! I can understand that with my brain but in practice yum,yum,yum!!! The thought of having someone else braai for us while we sit around works for me!!! It really does!!! Have a lovely day!!!

  3. We had the privilege of living in Knysna for just over a year before moving to Fish Hoek 18 months ago! What a beautiful part of the world – but we unfortunately didn’t get to go on the choo-choo as it had been closed down due to the floods destroying part of the line. Apparently there are no plans to get it going again….hope that’s not true!
    Hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather….who knows….maybe we’ll meet on the beach some time? Would be pretty tough to not notice each other…!

  4. Hi H – You lived in Knysna – you lucky fish!!! It is so worth visiting even without the train, though one hood (of the chef variety) will be somewhat disappointed! I daresay it would be hard for us to pass each other by!!! Have as lovely day!

  5. We lived at Wilderness for half a year and loved the boardwalk along the river, hikes at Ebb & Flow, canoed down the river, and walked along the pristine beach … one of the most beautiful places on the Garden Route. There are markets on Friday evenings at the Village and Sundays on the Green. We now live on a remote mountain farm in the Klein Karoo, beautiful in an entirely wonderful way!
    Lovely meeting you here!

  6. Hi Nadene, So nice to meet a fellow South African… love your blog!!! And how wonderful to be living in the Klein Karoo… lovely!!! And an extended stay in the Wilderness sounds a bit like heaven!!! Thanks for all the great places to visit!!!

  7. When you wrote “contrary to popular belief” and continue to note how you don’t have wild animals in your backyards, I must admit I was dissapointed. ūüôā
    It is the same as the misguided belief that because I am from country Australia, I have dingoes, kanagroos and koalas in my backyard! I most certainly do not have any of those critters either. ūüėõ

  8. Hi Kate, Just this week someone asked of we could send them a photograph of some elephants for a school project!!! Ummm, well we would probably go to the National Geographic website and print one off!!! We do have penguins 5 minutes drive away, we do get porcupines in our garden occasionally, baboons more often – heaps of snakes and the odd scorpion… we can watch whales in the bay in Winter… but no elephants, lions, cheetahs, rhinos or hippos!!! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!

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