Saturday Spot: The “Grand” Entrance…

In keeping with the spirit of our house tour…

And so far you have seen, amongst a couple of other bits and bobs…

  • The Kitchen

  • The Bathroom

  • The Dressing/Bedroom

  • The Courtyard

  • The BookNook

  • and a few others…

  • I thought I would show you our Grand Entrance this week…


    Up a couple of stairs and in you go…


    Well there’s the door that we never see because we never actually close the door!!!


    And the cutest light that looks like it has been there forever, it was certainly there long before us!


    Now ever since we moved into our house we have had a bunch of boxes outside our front door for sitting on and storing things like our se7en bags.


    But just lately I have wanted somewhere comfier to sit, especially in this spot, which is warm and sunny in winter and cool and shady in summer – perfect!!!


    So this week I whipped the couch out there and it has been brilliant!!!


    Opposite the couch is our inherited workbench and do we love it, it is great for little collections and storing my sisters art…


    Fabulous for library books.


    The workbench is also good for public transport and that’s why there is a collection of cushions and blankets – building materials for buses and trains, ships and shuttles… you name it it has been it!!!


    Not to mention our entrance is good for watching the sea.


    And the moon:


    And fireworks.


    It is the perfect spot for spying on kids:


    And even on the neighbors.


    Now, during summer it’s the coolest spot in the house but it is also great when it rains in winter:


    And you can rig up a swing…


    It is brilliant for a hammock…


    All in all we need a trip to the library to collect some fresh books and we are all set for a long hot “cool” summer!!!

    More house touring to come!!!

    This Post was meant to be part of The Thirty Minute Mom’s Challenge at Steady Mom, only I missed the deadline!!!

    9 Replies to “Saturday Spot: The “Grand” Entrance…”

    1. Hi C, I think we were meant to have kids because our house looked just like this before we had kids… Not the same house it was at least twice the size… but all the stuff was the same!!! You have a good week!!!

    2. Hi K-M, I think after a comment like that I am going to look again – our ordinary everyday is obviously a little less ordinary!!! Now for all our blog followers that follow the comments go and look at Katherine-Maries brilliant Christmas photo’s of her kids… that little one sitting so straight… and your big guy with a hand out just in case… and the two outliers full of character!!! It’s delightful – you ares o clever to find four boxes in a row, totally love it!!! Hope you all have a great week!!!

    3. Your everyday space is about as FAR AWAY from ordinary as you can get. Seriously your children have such a fantastic place to learn, love and create! I’m glad you enjoyed the mailbox santas… hehehehe… talk about FUN! The kids really loved handing out the candy and cheer.

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