Se7en Make Elf Doors…

This is one of those crafts that my kids have wanted to make for years. While I have something elaborate in mind and… They are waiting for me to get on with it… And then they just do it themselves with some markers and cardboard. This is what they came up with, some little visitors at our grand entrance:


Look a little closer:


And even closer:


Let’s Meet the Players:

  • A piece of card or cereal box
  • Markers
  • Ice-lolly sticks
  • Teeny-tiny bits of felt
  • Teeny tiny pompoms
  • Teeny tiny piece of pipe-cleaner

Let’s Play the Game:

Step 1: Take a rectangular piece of card and draw a door on it.


Step 2: Then everyone had to eat an ice-lolly. That’s the price you have to pay for being a great crafter!!!

Step 3: Use your markers to drawer a little person on the lolly stick.


Step 4: Trim your felt and pop a teeny tiny hat onto the little person, and add a pompom to the hat.


Step 5: Finally glue an arm to your elf.


Step 6: Your elves are done.


Step 7: And your elf doors are done and ready to play.


Have Fun!!!

9 Replies to “Se7en Make Elf Doors…”

  1. I ADORE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously love this and it’s going in my file box for ideas for next Christmas. can you believe the big day is almost here? How does this happen?

  2. Hi S, How cool of you to stop by… Glad you liked our little visitors! It is so nice to see your cold weather when we are sweltering!!! Have a Fun Day!!!

  3. Hi K-M, I love that you love our projects!!! I had all sorts of collage and cut-outs planned but Hoods can’t be kept waiting forever!!! Your Christmas looks so fun and happening, we are just slowly getting into it!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!

  4. These are adorable, and might assuage my daughter’s fears that Santa can’t make it down the chimney- maybe the elves can open the door for him! Cute. Blessings!

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