Se7en Do Christmas Decorating and Crafting…

Welcome to the world of glitter and glue and pompoms and tissue paper and Christmas Crafting. And we are having a day of it!!! Today was the day of our Kids Christmas Craft Party and I know I usually invite a couple of friends over but I decided that “se7en + 1” was actually enough!!!


When we moved into our house we bought a little potted pine tree for the kids to decorate, but now it has quite overgrown the roof!!! So this year we are decorating the bay tree.

So here we go Se7en Christmas decorations in a row:

  1. Glitter Sticks: glitter stars, glitter icicles.
  2. DSC00097DSC00098

  3. Glitter Pinecones:



  4. Colorful Caribbean Peg Petal Angels…
  5. DSC00011
  6. Recycled Bunting:
  7. The Nativity:
  8. Baubles: These were saved from our Easter Crafts, follow the link to find the instructions.


  9. And Bird Baubles:

And suddenly it was bed-time and our gingerbread men will have to wait till the morning to be decorated… This can be the reward for a successful Christmas Clean-up…


Have some fun Christmas Crafting…

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