Se7en Bazillion Gifts in a Jar…

One of the first things I wrote in my diary last year was: “Write a Se7en Jars Post…” Well here it is, nothing like the present!!!


We have been collecting jars for a while because I think this is the year where jar gifting really came together. The Thing about jars is that you can pack them with anything and they look good, seriously good:


So here come Se7en giftable ideas:

  1. A Meal in a Jar: This is a mad time of year where we are so focused on the feasts we kind of forget the everyday meals!!! So how nice to receive an instant meal… Here is some fresh tomato sauce (scroll down for the recipe), and fresh pasta and you have a gift good to go.
  2. DSC09932


  3. The Bath Spa Jar: Some fizz balls, candles, petals and nail polish, just for fun. We decorated the jar with tissue paper, just like a little pinata so that it could be used as a candle holder.
  4. DSC00101DSC00102DSC05709

  5. The Craft Jar: A mini jar packed with crayon cookies and food coloring…


    A a Mason jar jar packed with crafty delights… Just a couple of goodies from each packet and you have “Crafters Delight!!!”


  6. Tea and Coffee Delights: For the tea lovers in your life a jar of castor sugar with some dried lemon zest or mint popped into it. If its the last minute just pop your lemon zest or mint leaves on a piece of roller towel in the microwave for about a minute to dry them out!!!

    And for those coffee pot types: Pop a vanilla pod or a stick of cinnamon into your jar of castor sugar and you are good to go…

  7. DSC00131
  8. A Sewing Jar: Full of sewing goodies…
  9. DSC00103DSC00107

  10. A Stationary Jar: Full of stationary goodies…
  11. DSC00108

  12. A Christmas Jar: Layers of Christmas Decorations…
  13. DSC00114DSC00115

That’s our gifting this year… and the best thing about it was that most of the little goodies were lying around… in the stationary, craft drawers or mint from the garden – all easy-peasy and we made them up in an afternoon!!!

But don’t rely on us – take a look at the professionals!!!


  1. We have been making these Cookies in a Jar from Family Fun for years and years!!!
  2. This is my favorite last minute and lots of gifts in jars post, from Simple Mom.
  3. This is my all time favorite gift in a jar, follow the link to Creative Ramblings – it is so pretty I think I would just pop it on a shelf and keep it there!!!
  4. My favorite food in a jar post – just follow the link to the Food Network, trust me just go and look at the photographs and not just cocoa in a jar – heaps of delicacies!!!
  5. And the their is TipNuts complete “Gift in a Jar Post”, with tags, and decorating ideas, and recipes – just everything!!!
  6. And then there is Meet Me At Mikes Ultimate List of Jar Goodies… Love It!!!
  7. But wait there’s more: Many, many, many ideas from Craftbits.

There you go!!! Have Fun!!!

11 Replies to “Se7en Bazillion Gifts in a Jar…”

  1. great ideas! love the angel on the jar of Christmas decorations; good idea for all newly weds; as one of the things one usually does not have when getting married!

  2. Hay happy Christmas to you Aunty Muffin!!! You are so right I remember our first Christmas together and the tree was very sparse… and in desperation the night before Christmas making a million cookie cutter salt dough decorations – still have them!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Hi Lisa, THanks, so glad you liked it!!! We have just been plotting and planning our gifts for this year and who could possibly get “what sort of jars”. Hope you have a fun week!!!

  4. I do love gifts in a jar. My favourites are biscuits but I’ve done Bakerella’s cowboy cookies (I just call them Christmas cookies with red and green embellishment) and my cutest ones yet, the gift-giving jars with washi tape, pen, gift tags, ribbon, cute tape, etc, etc.

  5. Oh Marcia, Gifts in a jar are always a winner… I’m going to be figuring out a few “gifts in a jar” over the next couple of days!!! Hope your Christmas preparations are all running smoothly!!!

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