Se7en Plus One is Three…

Se7en + 1 = 3

Yup, Where did the time go, three months old today and I thought I would show you a day in in my little life.




I work very hard all night to get my feet free!


I stir.


I am surrounded.


I hang.


My favorite place to be.


Morning biggest brother.


Let’s get these dishes sorted.


Check some email.


Get some breakfast smoothies going and do my wild arm thing.


Gosh I’ve been so busy, I am ready for a nap.


But wait, the mother person has other ideas. I will just quickly take this chance to do my wild arm thing…


Splish, Splash I am taking a bath.


Snuggle in my towel – just love my towel.


Check out the wild life.


Now seriously I am very tired. Just don’t cover those feet.


Just help the mother person read her book, while I make sure I don’t wake up starving.


That’s me. Please pop me down, any bed will do. Really, I am not fussy!!!


But don’t leave me too long, Captain Cuddles just can’t want to be alone.


Make sure that mother person gets her lunch, and do my wild arm thing.


Oh Good, there is laundry to watch.


And watch.


Oops a bit of a blow-out!!! Fresh clothes all round and look at how funny that mother person is!!!


Time to watch some wild gardening event, that mother person is all about fresh air.


And some time for a quick wild arm thing, before tea-time and more story-time with the mother person’s fat book.


Time to learn some more arm waving tricks from the big tree.


Looking and learning, while those others gather around that table again.


At least someone thinks I am more important than supper.


And has time for stories. Broadening my horizons, I dare say!!!


And if it isn’t the father person, always good for a man-to-man.


I really need to ask him about those flashing lights.


But I am just too tired. And they can’t find my jammies, but I am not fussy and will happily settle for my cool guitar top, at least my toes will be free!!!


Now that was a busy day at the office. Got to go.


This Post is part of The Thirty Minute Mom’s Challenge at Steady Mom.

32 Replies to “Se7en Plus One is Three…”

  1. How did you do that in 30 minutes? That’s great. It takes my computer a long time to upload photos so mine would be restricted to mostly words. 🙂

    Your baby is so cute. My youngest still kicks the covers off his feet every night and he’s seven! I’ve resorted to crew socks to keep his feet warm in the winter. He’s not a fan, but he thanks me in the morning.

  2. LOVE IT!
    Oh, how I wish to reach out and touch those chubby cheeks! And the hair! ..sigh…goodness, how can you stand it?
    Can we trade places? Just so I could hold Captain Cuddles for five minutes?
    No? Oh well, this post will have to do.
    Many thanks:)

  3. Hi Steadymom, You said it!!! I hope you have a great 2010 with your family. Thanks for doing the 30 minute Challenge for all of us, it has been great!!!

  4. Hi Southern Gal, I have a “how to write a post in 30 minutes” floating in my head – but another idea always jumps in the way!!! I have a lot of time to plot and plan and “write” in my head… I haven’t yet figured out how to type and nurse at the same time!!! Upload all my photos to flickr at the “quietest time” of day… you will see my challenges are mostly pictures… the words are pre-written in my head and fly!!!!

    This guy hates his feet covered but likes his one arm tucked in!!! You know the whole wild arm thing can be a bit much when you are fast asleep!!! Have a great day!

  5. Hi V, We can’t stand it!!! He is so cute that for the past three months we have done almost nothing except wonder at him!!! I don’t think you would be allowed to trade places with any of us!!! Hope you have a great 2010… and have lots of fun with your new camera!!!

  6. Well if you decide not to keep him (just kidding) send him my way… He is adorable and I am so broody. My friend is having another baby next year. I have been waiting over eight years since my son was born (he is my second one) and till now nothing. Children are such a blessing and yours are all beautiful… Take care and God Bless.

  7. Ohhhh I just want to gooble gooble all of him up. Those cheeks and those toes and that sweet sweet baby skin. So perfect!

    And I offically think you take more photos than I do… and that’s is a collosal amount my friend. Have you ever counted? I estimated a bit back that every four years I take 50,000 photos and that does NOT include my clients… hehehehe… I’m thinking you are like 100,000!!!!!

    Thanks for the BEAUTIUFL BABY BOY Fix!!!!

  8. Just too cute!
    Thanks also for the lovely message on “joy”, one that I will take with me inte the New Year. Have a blessed 2010!
    Miss you all!

  9. What a great story! As I watch “my” little girl (she’s a foster girl so it’s only temporary) but I wonder what she must think as she goes from constant hand offs from one adult to the next- with me as a bit of a steady face now. I so enjoy trying to change my perspective to hers. He’s just so cute!

  10. Hi KM – Knew you would like it… I am not going to tell you how many photographs I take – especially since I am not a photographer!!! I should have a “guess how many pictures I have in my iphoto competition… lets just say vast and I throw NOTHING away, just in case!!! And back to number 8, he is divine isn’t he!!! Hope you guys are having fun!!!

  11. Hay S, Well done for being the steady one – I sure would love to spend some time in your backyard! Have a great New Year together!!!

  12. Have a great New Year everyone. 2010 is the year I embark into HS. You are such an inspiration. OK need to punch in the order…

  13. Hay S… I hope you have great fun Home Schooling: There will be good times, there will be bad times and there will be great times!!!Have a fabulous 2010 yourself!!!

  14. We are doing Core 1 & 3 in 2010. My friend as just finished Core 1 so she is lending me some of her books so I will only have to add some stuff of Core 1 and all of Core 3. So we brought home the Core 1 books and the kids got into these straight away we had to send them to bed. My son was asking me how many sleeps until school starts? He always used to hate school. It seems he is eager t jump in.

  15. Sorry K-M, I have to reply again… and say: the difference between a “point and shoot” and a trained marksman is perhaps in the number of photographs the take. One gets the shot, the other is blindly scrabbling to catch it!!! Lots of love!!!

  16. Hi G, Aaahh the glorious life of a 3 month old… good food, good naps, early to bed, quick response time to every request and absolutely no toilet cleaning!!! You have a good point, life doesn’t sound too shabby from his perspective does it!!! Have a fabulous day!!!

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